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I don’t make much of a secret that I think Ives Galarcep is the bane of US soccer’s existence. Beyond hijacking breaking stories that he didn’t break, and his frequent touting of unnamed sources in markets well beyond his geographic reach, Ives is a homer. A massive, red white and blue homer.

Which is fine. US soccer is growing, the country has produced bona fide stars in Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey, and Major League Soccer is in rude health compared to even five years ago.

But this story on the MLS all-star game is so wrong, beginning with Fox Soccer’s photo, in which Scarborough’s Dwayne De Rosario is pictured hoisting a cup above the words “American Beauty.” Then there are the opening paras:

The MLS All-Star team’s 3-2 victory over Chelsea was a great night for American soccer. You can say it was just an exhibition match with little meaning, and point to European champions Chelsea laboring through their pre-season. Nonetheless, the performance of so many American players is something to be proud of to say the least.

It was a great night for North American soccer (excluding Mexico), in fact. There are three MLS clubs based outside of the United States in which some American players play. And yes, the American players did quite admirably under the leadership of Canada’s Dwayne de Rosario, captain of the team.

Six years ago, when MLS defeated Chelsea in the same mid-summer exhibition match, the post-game trophy celebration was an overblown and overdone spectacle that made the league look amateurish and desperate.

Six years later, the Americans didn’t eke out a 1-0 victory. They outplayed Chelsea for good stretches and rallied for a 3-2 victory, with several American players standing out in the process.

Yes, “the Americans” didn’t eke out a 1-0 victory, a team of all-stars, which included a Canadian captain, a Danish keeper, a Colombian defender, a French striker, a Cuban midfielder, etc.

Ives goes on to praise Chris Pontius, Chris Wondolowski and Jay De Merit, while omitting any and all reference to De Rosario and Beckham’s role in setting up the equalizing goal.

There was a way of writing this story so that it highlighted the progress of American soccer without reverting to rah-rah, obscurantist propaganda, but predictably, Ives was incapable of it.

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  1. There was a way of writing a story about winning a friendly with an exhibition team that wasn’t rah-rah obscurantist propaganda? No there wasn’t.

  2. American in “Acting like an American” shocker. More to come…

  3. Americans are going to American….what ya gonna do. and it’s fox FFS.

  4. I see where you’re coming from but there’s no need to make massive generalizations about Americans. Most US soccer writers are miles better on this kind of thing…

  5. What are you supposed to call it besides American soccer? It’s not the English premier league? Its not the German Bundesliga? Every other country can call their league by their country’s name, but America can’t? Last time I checked the EPL had more than English footballers. Maybe you should write an article about how everyone should just call their leagues the world league…otherwise they are just reverting to rah-rah propaganda.
    MLS is American soccer.

    • “What are you supposed to call it besides American soccer?”

      Referring to the team as “Americans” is a step too far, but Ives isn’t smart enough to parse that out.

      • “Referring to the team as “Americans” is a step too far, but Ives isn’t smart enough to parse that out.”

        It’s not too far if, heaven forbid, your intention is to actually talk about the Americans! Ives also refers to “American Soccer” (not just the American players), which is what the MLS is..it’s American soccer! Ives also refers to the “MLS All-Stars team victory” (not the American players victory), but I guess Richard Whittall isn’t smart enough to Parse that out.
        Why does it have to sound like an disease to be a “red, white, and blue homer.”?
        I’m proud that the MLS All-Stars, the American League, beat the team from England or should I have said the “Melting pot of players from around the world who play in the English Premier League that happens to be in England but they aren’t all English.”

    • It’s not about what you call it, you can label it “American soccer” the same way we call it “Canadian Football”.

      It’s when you take the results of a game played by players of multiple nationalities that happens to take place in the US (and let’s not forget it’s a FRIENDLY), and treat it as a referendum on the state of the game in the US, which it isn’t, when it becomes misleading.

    • pretty sure since swansea won promotion theyve switched from the EPL to the BPL.

      • the “B” in “BPL stands for Barklays, not British – it is a sponsorship thing (and it happened before Swansea were promoted).

        • Also a branding thing if I remember right…in the sense that, they want the league to be known as the Premier league, period (best in the world), not just the best league in England.

          Hasn’t caught on though….EPL rolls off the tongue better

    • How about calling it a name that isn’t wrong?

      It would be like saying it was Californian soccer – there are a few teams from there, but there are also a few teams that aren’t from there FFS.

  6. If Ives is such a Fergie Oliver for American footy, and that’s a well established opinion of his work, why is The Score wasting bandwidth writing about it?

  7. You are proud that an MLS All-Star team(as pointed out a league that is in TWO countries so no it is not Merican Soccer) whose captain and best player on the pitch is Canadian beat a Chelsea Pre-season squad…Sad life you lead trollface. Also the English league is called the Barclay’s Premier League. Trolling trolls lovely…

  8. LOL

    2. metatroll

    A metatroll is someone who is trolling someone else who is clearly a troll.
    Person 1 (troll)- Man, I hate prank sites so much. That last one I saw was gross. They’re just so stupid. They take no thought or consideration to make; everyone who likes them is an idiot.

    Person 2(metatroll)- Hey, you should try going to this site called pen island. It’s got a lot of people who think the same way as you.

    Person 3- Dude, you’re trolling a troll right now. You’re totally metatrolling.

  9. it takes an mls all star team to take out a disinterested chelsea. Good luck facing the Barcelona B team.

  10. I find all these bloggers are guys simply pining for a higher profile gig. That’s why I only read these things once in a blue moon.

  11. MLS is an AMERICAN league where canadians have the same status as Mexicans or Jamaicans.

    And Ives is an american who loves his country.
    Is he any worse that our national bigot cross dresser Don Cherry?

    I know its silly but the MLS needs a way to market itself to show that its almost equal to others. So what?

    Instead of being insulted by jingoism, id be more insuilted by the fact that we are 5th world soccer country which has NO league since 1992. Countries that are 10 times smaller than Canada can do it.
    But the fact that MLS is american cannot be disputed.
    If the MLS had special dispension for american AND canadian players youd maybe have a leg to stand on but it doesnt.
    We are pathetic sporting country with only ONE pro sports league of our own. That I find insulting.

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