It was Groucho Marx, at Carnegie Hall, who once said: “My experience is that people are most likely to listen to reason when in bed.” Unfortunately for Chelsea, as far as anyone knows, no-one is available to speak to Roman Abramovich in bed, which almost certainly means that the club’s owner doesn’t know what a lot of people do know and won’t be told any time soon: that signing every single good player going spare is not usually how you end up with big smiles and shiny things at the end of a season. Honestly, it isn’t.

It’s that knowledge-gap which has all but defined Chelsea’s summer so far (although John Terry may have nabbed some room for himself in that one, again). Pick a name, any name, and London’s blue ones have probably had a look at them on Youtube, called up their agent, then made a ludicrous bid for them, then called up their club, remembering the whole tapping-up technicality. Marin, Hazard, Oscar, Hulk and Schurrle have all received the call, with only slightly varying degrees of success: yes or almost yes. Presumably it goes: “Do you want to play for us? We’ll give you this much money,” say Chelsea. “Give me more,” say the player and club. And then Chelsea decide whether or not to give them more money, which in turn decides whether they sign the player or not. It’s all very exciting.

But as a result of Abramovich and whichever lackey he has in charge at the moment having spent all summer saying yes to the more money option—£80million blown already—a squad which, granted, has shredded a lot of last season’s fat, is already beginning to look slightly bloated again. Jose Bosingwa, Salomon Kalou, Didier Drogba and, in all likelihood, Flourent Malouda will have all left the club by next month, but deals for Eden Hazard, Mirko Marin and Oscar have seen them replaced with, as John McClane would have it, a vengeance: most of the players on their way out were squad players; those on their way in will surely accept nothing but the pitch every week.

It’s a risky tactic, if that isn’t an overly generous term for buying every player you see on Youtube, particularly as: if this spending spree was a piss you’d be standing around waiting for it to finish for a while yet. Hulk and Andre Schurrle are just two other known targets but deals which have been less well reported are likely too, seeping away in the background ready to become the biggest thing to hit Twitter since the last one. These are all big-name, attacking players and the weight of attacking talent which could start the season at Chelsea looks garish: Mata, Marin, Torres, Sturridge, Hazard, Hulk and Oscar could well come together in one squad. What about the middle ones – you know, midfielders?! Or the rough ones…defenders?!

The problem with this is whole thing is that it’s difficult to imagine the manager, Roberto Di Matteo, having been well consulted about what’s gone on here or how he’s meant to fit them all into a team. Have a look for yourselves; they don’t exactly seem to slot in nicely together.

And more than the details, the ideology doesn’t seem quite right. Last season Chelsea won the Champions League and FA Cup. Ask anyone—this wasn’t because Chelsea had the most gifted group of players in those tournaments. It was, romantically, achieved from the creation of a shared sense of grievance at the manner in which their old coach had treated them, which the players wielded in the face of adversity against Napoli, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. A group effort comprising of blocks, moments of good fortune conjured through force of will alone and the always potent influence of revenge won the day for them, not acts of individual skill. You can say goodbye to that kind of togetherness this time around, if only because of the speed in which the squad is being re-shaped. And the kind of players who have been brought in won’t help either: Eden Hazard spent June touting himself around different clubs on Twitter – does that make him sound like a willing runner for the cause?

Obviously the old group of players couldn’t stick together forever (that, remember, was where all the grievances with the last manager came from in the first place) but that isn’t the issue here at all. To move in an entirely opposite direction so quickly feels ill-thought-out. How often have massive transfer splurges resulted in instant success? PSG lost out on the Ligue Un title to Montpellier last season despite their year with crazy money; Manchester City have spent five years spending money before capturing a league title; and Real Madrid broke spending records in 2009 but only nipped in ahead of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona last season, once Jose Mourinho had built a proper team from the flashes of big names.

Contrary to popular belief, money will buy you love, but it doesn’t buy you a team unless you spend it carefully, and usually slowly. Duh. Chelsea might be about to start a season with a what looks like an unworkable number of attacking stars, having begun constructing a squad with almost a bizarre level of ignorance about what it takes to actually construct a squad. Now, hands up who’s going to get into bed with Abramovich and tell him he might want to slow down a bit with this whole money burning business and ask his manager which other players really need to be signed, if any?

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  1. Ethan Dean-Richards … WHO ?

    So you did well at Football Manager, come back when you really know what you are talking about or you have some real inside info at Chelsea

    • Well, oooooz, time will tell, but as you’ve not dealt with any of the points I make in your cliched criticism, I doubt you’ll realise if I happen to be right.

      The main point is: you don’t need inside information to know that Chelsea aren’t doing the whole transfer thing right this summer. The reasons for that are all given.

      Chelsea might do well, but, I reckon, they’ve a higher chance of doing badly because of the players they’ve chosen to spend the big money on so far.

      Obviously you don’t care, I’m writing this reply for my own piece of mind, really.

      • I’m not sure which I enjoyed more: the article itself or this witty little reply, but in either case I am inclined to offer my applause to EDR.

        To apply this same argument in a different context, what can we say for AS Roma? They did the same kind of thing last year, but on an extremely limited budget. With more than half of the players being unfamiliar with one another, the team tragically underachieved and the coach, Luis Enrique, was sacked (or quit, whatever they call it these days).

        This year, many of those same players remain, with the weaker ones being chopped and replaced with useful squad players or necessary (and strategically chosen) replacements. The players have had more than a year to learn about eachother and become a team. This year, Roma will be a force.

        Since they’ve just recently been to the peak and are now ostensibly in a rebuilding phase, maybe Chelsea are operating on a multi-year plan too? BUY BUY BUY now, and next year pick up the necessary puzzle pieces to make the machine tick. It is a lot of youth they are after right now, which indicates this is a long-term project…

        Surely, I expect nothing out of Chelsea THIS year – which puts my opinion in perfect sync with yours.

    • Mr Dean MIND YOUR BUSINESS…………………and don’t be caught in another man’s own.

  2. Can’t argue with Abra’s methods of selecting and luring players, but these players solve many of the width and creativity problems Chelsea have been lacking. Their cup runs we’re fantastic last season but I’m sure they want to improve their league form, these are young players who provide depth and can complement the older players in what is a LONG season. These signings improve them as a whole and make them title contenders.

    Nonetheless I enjoyed this piece.
    Just thought I’d give my view on the situation

    • Haha! Love all the hating on what is quite a solid and correct article. Chelsea are signing lots of potential talent without any real plan of what to do with it. Well done sir, didn’t realize Chelsea fans were so touchy. Also, for the one quoting the “facts” you seemed to forget Drogba the second who has been playing up front for Chelsea all tour so far. And if you really think Essien, useless Mikel, aging Mereiles and Lampard are going to cut it this year, you’re mildly delusional. Chelsea are still horrible defensively without parking the bus. Terry has been getting worse – England matches aside, Cahill is like glass, and Luiz is a joke. Bertrand has shown glimpses but they need more cover at fb. Ivanovic has done well for them. Maybe a new manager will help but they were still torn apart way too many times last season to not sign new players. Plus who knows what happens after this little love-in with RDM is over (Liverpool/Dalglish anyone?).

      Chelsea are signing amazing talents yes. But they don’t seem to be building a squad as much as just being the big kid in the sand box who wants all the toys to himself. Which is why do so many people hate Chelsea. Which is why you’re all so bitter ;)

      • Criticize all you want, we’re building for the future. People who didn’t watch our games other than the Champions League games won’t know that we needed a massive overhaul in our attack. We lost so many 1-0 games due to either, 1 defensive lapse and not being able to break down a defense since Mata was our only creative player. Oscar/Hazard/Marin will GREATLY improve our attack. Add to that, with Torres gaining his confidence back we are looking very good offensively. The midfield is fine also, Oscar can drop in the midfield to link up play while Mikel/Essien/Ramires/Lampard/Meireles can act as holding midfielders.

        I don’t know why you have so much hate towards Chelsea. I’m guessing you’re either a fan of one of the other London clubs or a Man U fan, or even worse a Barca “fan”.

        • Sorry, I forgot to reply to this (although apparently you did not read my comment anyways).

          THE CHELSEA MIDFIELD IS AWFUL, AND THEIR DEFENCE IS TOO. Ramires is maybe the only one who should be starting for a world class team, and that is solely based on his form from the end of last season. Oscar is barely out of diapers, but who knows, he could do well. Essien, Lampard are past it, Mikel never had it, and Meireles is a bench player. Great attacking wingers/midfielders, but no backup to injury prone Luiz and Cahill, Terry is nearing his Diamond Jubilee, and Bosingwa defends about as well as his personal grooming habits tend to be. I watched about 75-80% of Chelsea’s games, tbh. And you got all of your guesses wrong, no surprise there.

  3. I think Dean-Richards is either a Tottenham or Man U fan

  4. Yeah, maybe not well thought out and the manager has been “somewhat” removed. And the money burning is distasteful for sure. But, as sad as might be, money actually does buy you a team — a winning team, an exciting team, a popular team — even if you spend the money as quickly as Real Madrid or Man City — or Chelsea. Seems a proven model (even if unfortunate). I think he knows what he’s doing. He will give DiM the opportunity to add some defensive depth and they will do alright. Perhaps his thinking with signing all these attacking midfielders is that Chelsea had to play too defensive a style to win the FA and CL, and not just a burn money on the sexy players approach.

  5. Why do u hate Chelsea so much? Why do you hate Roman so much? I think I know. Why dont you have a problem with Man City? I think I know. Why dont u ask PSG owners same questions? I think I know. Everybody dies it in this way. It is just that Everybody wants to play for the European Champions. And that is just killing you. Right? Get a life. What you have written is full of crap and hatred

    • PSG bought a CB this year, they have been adding reinforcements where they are necessary.

      Man CIty just won the premiership and they have yet to make a single signifcant move this year. Their team is already balanced.

      Chelsea has an ageing backline and a midfield full of holes. The players they are bringing in do not adequately replace the players they are losing. The players they are bringing in are ALL future superstars and they all play the same positions, generally. Good luck fielding all of them at once. Some will surely get disgruntled, and when the real problems with the team are exposed defensively, those players will start requesting transfers to ‘winning teams’… which will throw off the whole dynamic of Chelsea’s “team”. And please, spare me any hopeless outcry of how they picked up Gary Cahill in the defense and how David Luiz is world class. They need youth there, too, if they are going to sustain the ‘dynasty’.

      What EDR has written in this article is well-thought-out and lacks any of the hatred which you have identified. Stop getting on the defensive about everything and consider the merits of his argument. It makes sense.

      • lol what? the back line is what?? only terry and cole are over 30.. and you’re forgetting the fact chelsea have luiz ( 25), and cahil (26) and ivan (26) who are also center backs.. forgetting sam hutchinson that is..
        and what about ryan bertrand ( 22) who is cole’s back up.. your point is invalid and rubbish.. in the position of right back where chelsea lack they are looking to sign..

        in defensive mid they are solid.. mikel, romeu, essien, mirrielles, lampard.. and even ramires can perform there.. not to mention Josh M.. who will most likely be out on loan..

        you say marin, oscar and hazard all that the same position. well they do not, but they can.. a team with versatile players is something to be admired.. makes the formation flexible..mata can also play on the wing as too ramires..

        chelsea lacked a whole lot in attack last season.. how many draws, 1-0 losses etc did they experience.. both main strikers only score something like a combined 17 goals in the league that is pathetic and is also down to the midfield.. a creative problem they have fixed..

        you, my friend, are talking absolute rubbish

        • Ivanovic is 28, not 26, and is Chelsea’s only good defender. Terry is well past it, Cahill isn’t very good and Luiz isn’t worthy of being called a ‘defender’. Miereles, Mikel and Essien are all average at best, poor at worst, and Lampard is past it too. Ramires is Chelsea’s only good midfielder. How do you seriously suggest fitting in Hazard, Marin, Oscar, Mata, Sturridge and probably Hulk into the same team? Its impossible.
          Great teams are built from the back. City built from the back first, getting Lescott and Kompany in, and building a spine of Toure and Barry before adding Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko etc after they already had a spine. Man Utd’s 3 titles in a row were built on Vidic and Ferdinand’s fantastic partnership in defence. Chelsea are going the opposite way, and because of that, will probably struggle in the league again.

          • I don’t understand the hate for Luiz. The man has played exceptionally well during the CL final and after AVB got sacked. People are still stuck in the mindset that he’s some horrible defender.

            And your argument for Cahill,”He’s not very good.” VERY constructive, obviously, we now all know that’s he not very good. Again, more Chelsea haters but that’s what kept us going to win the Fa Cup and Champions League double! :)

  6. Interesting analysis.. looking back at where chelsea finished last season I find it to be a bit rubbish. tbh.

    The whole point I gather from this article is that Roman is just buying every new shiny thing out there and just for the sake of it. without thinking, without consulting the manager or anyone else.. that again is rubbish..

    Of course chelsea will be linked with every player under the sun, that is what happens when you’re European champions with a rich owner and a wealth of older players leaving your club.

    we lacked a lot attacking wise last season and if not for drogba’s brilliance we will not have won the champions league or Fa cup.. he was key. now he is gone.. make no mistake where we finished last season.. 6th place 30 points behind the leaders..

    now you have kalou, drogba, bosingwa all gone, but you also have anelka gone, a player never replaced.. apart from that Chelsea had no wingers last season.. Sturridge a center forward was forced out wide, and malouda the only real left winger along with mata ( who was moved central as a play-maker), was inconsistent and frankly rubbish the whole season.

    so we go out and bring in Eden hazard, one of Europe’s best young talents.. a talent several top clubs were after.. Marin was signed before the season was even over, I didn’t even see that coming and for a mere 7mill euros. . and now Oscar..a player knew nothing of till a month ago.. signed from brazil, seen as the national team’s number 10 ( and for a team like brazil that is incredible), able to play anywhere across the midfield.. and addresses a key issue in the squad..

    marin, hazard, oscar all came in for a purpose.. we could have resumed interest in modric is it was just about signing a midfielder, or gone for the more experienced lavezzi if we just needed a winger.. contrary to your belief it was careful buying.. as is our interest in a right back and right forward.

    the squad looks big, but lukaku and de bryne will be out on loan. benayoun, malouda, essien could all be out..

    experience still remains.. but a younger fresher squad is established.. oh and who is to say di mateo has no say in who we sign? unless you work for the club or are on the bored.. that statement is purely fantasy.

    • Di Matteo wasn’t appointed when Marin and Hazard were signed. I don’t need to be on the board to know that.

  7. This is a clearly a bitter opposition fan, it’s pretty sad really. If you actually think all the players they bought are going to start, then you are just a simple moron.







    Simple line up really. Oscar will be the link between defense and attacking, his position for Brazil. Whenever Torres is injured or rested, Hulk can replace him and he in turn will be replaced by Marin.

    If Mata or Hazard needs a rest/injured, Marin can play there too, also Meireles. So you shouldn’t worry. I don’t see how this affects opposition fans, sad and pathetic.
    The same thing was said when Mourinho came in with the 8 new players and he ended up winning the league by a record 95 points, and a record 15 goals conceeded.

    Calm down my friend, and watch Chelsea destroy your team and the rest of the league.

  8. “The main point is: you don’t need inside information to know that Chelsea aren’t doing the whole transfer thing right this summer. The reasons for that are all given.”

    Well, you say that, but you haven’t really showed why they’re doing it wrong, unless you count your assumption that it’s not gonna work out for them.

    The reason they’ve invested so much in offensive players (bearing in mind there’s still one month till transfer window closes) is that they’re pretty well off defensively. Right back is probably the only position where they don’t have decent backup, although Ivanovic was superb last season and with him fit they might not even need it.

    Other than that your point seems to be that they’ve bought too many good attacking players (which you assume won’t gel), which isn’t the worst problem to be having, is it?

    Also, Marin and Oscar accepting nothing but the pitch every week? Not sure even Lampard or Torres can make such bold claims, let alone two up-and-coming but not yet proven at the highest level players.

  9. So Mr.EDR you want chelsea to buy moments of fortune and players wronged by coaches?? Kalou was absolute pants so was bosingwa. maybe this buying should have been spread over 2/3 windows. but it is time to move on for the club..

  10. Sorry EDR, usually I really do enjoy your posts but I have to disagree with some of your claims.

    First off, the part about scouting. Do you really think their scouts are just like fans where they are amazed by Youtube clips? RA signed many great scouts since he bought Chelsea, not to mention the amount he’s invested in the youth academy. Scouts like Piet de Visser know what they’re doing. They spend a lot of time watching these players. If they did what you said they do, which is look up Youtube videos and sign them, they’d have signed every single player with a Youtube highlight clip seeing as any highlight clip can make anyone look like a star.

    “Presumably it goes: “Do you want to play for us? We’ll give you this much money,” say Chelsea. “Give me more,” say the player and club. ”
    Every club has this problem, not just Chelsea. Look at PSG with Ibra, Madrid with all their signings, United with Rooney 2 years ago and so on. Don’t know why Chelsea is usually only criticized for this.

    Lastly, if you ever watched a Chelsea game throughout the season other than the Champions League games, you should be able to tell that the team needed a massive overhaul. Every fan knew that we need to spend this summer to compete next year, especially since we were going to lose many key players this summer. Our defense usually is solid, it’s our attack that was lacking which is why we’ve signed many attacking players.

    And of course, since Chelsea are competing in 7 competitions this year, we need depth in our team, especially since we have many aging players.

    I do agree that RA should slow down on some spending however, as I think the amount we spent on Oscar was way too high for someone who hasn’t proven much yet but I said, the scouts know more than most fans/critics.

    Still, I did enjoy the post,
    keep up the good work!

  11. Forgive me if this comes across as harsh but you’ve made quite a number of assumptions which aren’t really there to be made. A prime example is when you denigrate Chelsea’s scouting department, which, you’d probably be surprised to discover, is actually world-class, and will have been scouting these targets since at least the AVB-era.

    I also don’t see how you can say all of Chelsea’s incoming transfers will expect to play every match. Sure, in the case of Eden Hazard, he’s likely to be an automatic first-teamer, but that’s as much because he’s a world-class talent as anything. With the likes of Marin and Oscar, I’m not certain they will. Marin is likely to be a depth player, and Oscar, while fabulously-talented, is still young, and may be preferred in some games.

    My point, ultimately, is that these men are all professionals, and if playing time was a large factor, they would have asked for some clarification of what the club had in mind for them before signing. All of them have signed, so either they don’t care if they every match, or they know what’s expected.

    That brings me to your biggest point, that focusing on attacking players is foolish for Chelsea. What you forget is that, following the season, and the subsequent departures, Chelsea had the following players capable of playing in the third band of the 4-2-3-1 favoured by Roberto di Matteo: Ramires, Frank Lampard, Juan Mata, Kevin De Bruyne, Florent Malouda, Raul Meireles, Josh McEachran, Daniel Sturridge, Yossi Benayoun, and Ryan Bertrand.

    When you exclude those players seemingly on their way out, either sold or loaned, (KDB, Malouda, McEachran, Benayoun) and those who are preferred in other positions (Lampard, Meireles, Sturridge, Bertrand) you’re left with Ramires and Juan Mata, and you could even include Ramires in the list of players preferred elsewhere.

    With this summer’s additions, you now have Ramires, Mata, Hazard, Marin, and Oscar. even with these five great players competing for three places, you could hardly blame a club for wanting to add another, particularly one, like Schürrle or Hulk, who can fill in at striker. Chelsea’s current strike force comprises Fernando Torres and Sturridge, a duo whom you could be suspicious of trusting.

    That said, I don’t expect Chelsea to sign Hulk, as signs point to that deal being long dead, but Schürrle remains an option, as do a number of other strikers. I don’t see anything in the rumours linking Chelsea to any of the top-class forwards, like Falcao or Cavani; someone who can provide a third option seems much more likely.

    When you look at the picture of Chelsea’s team, you see that their summer spending isn’t really unbalanced at all. You bring up midfield and defence, but are Chelsea in dire need of midfielders? They have Lampard, Meireles, Ramires, Romeu, Mikel, and Essien competing for two spots in a 4-2-3-1. That seems like perfectly adequate cover to me.

    There is an argument to be made that there is an obvious hole in defence, at right back, though Chelsea have several players capable of filling in at the position. That doesn’t matter, though, as Chelsea have been linked to a host of right back options including Debuchy, Piszczek, or, more seriously, Maicon and Azpilicueta.

    If you had bothered to look at Chelsea’s squad and seriously consider their needs, you would have seen that they’re quite obviously filling those needs this summer. Instead, you took the lazy route, and wrote a half-baked piece on “foolish Chelsea” and their Mad Russian owner insisting on gobbling up player after player without any semblance of a plan for them. Next time, take a look at the facts and mould your assumptions to them, rather than ignoring those which don’t fit your clichés.

    • Thank you.

      Finally, some words of wisdom.

    • Cahill and Luiz are not centrebacks that one should feel confident relying on though. Now that CFC have gone for the attacking players, they also need to bring in some depth in the wingback positions. I’m sorry, but Bertrand is not an adequate replacement for Ashley Cole in my opinion. Ivanovic and Terry at CB is excellent. Just need a good RB now, Debuchy anyone? As for the holding positions (assuming a 4-2-3-1 formation), they need to strengthen there. Essien clearly isn’t the player he once was, and RDM obviously doesn’t feel confident playing him. Mikel stays too close to his CBs, and is not the enforcer they need. Ramires is more of a box to box player than a midfield holder or enforcer. Romeu is a bit young and needs to grow in to the position some more. Really, the only viable option seems to be Meireles at the moment.
      Furthermore, Chelsea scored 62 epl goals last season. Only three teams scored more. On the other hand, they conceded 46 goals last season. 6 clubs either tied or bettered that record. That doesn’t soley mean CFC need to strengthen there, but it is a decent indicator that they need to pay at least a little bit of attention to that area. Don’t blame AVB either btw. His goal per game conceded record was 1.19 while RDM’s was 1.27.

  12. I don’t think DiM is gonna complain about trying to fit these guys into a team. Do the proper math, there is some excellent potential there! Wow, a gaffer’s wet dream. They will come together soon enough. (Are these “kinds of players who have been brought in” any diff than your average professional footballer these days?)

    Did you really not see any individual skill in the Chesea players that won the FA and CL?

    PSG will win the league this year.

    RA can probably afford to have some proper scouts and does not have to rely on watching Youtube:)

  13. First off just want to say the guy who wrote this is a complete clown and is probably a tottenham or man u fan. Second of all kevin pretty much covered everything took the words right out of my mouth. and lastly lets not forget chelsea are in contention for 7 trophies this season, granted 2 of them are community shield and uefa supercup (just one game each) but the other 5 are competetions and squad depth will be massive.

  14. How i miss Joe Ross, KJ and Sharman writing here instead of the drivel of the new boys trying so hard to impresss…..The aged defence and the true facts coming out afterwards just show how much of this was throw away journalism ( and I use that term loosely)

    Just proves why i dont bother with much of the web content any more….

    On another note …Thanks and Good Luck Dobby !!!!!!!!!!

    • I would just remind you there are many, many contributors here to choose from, with different opinions for you to agree/disagree with. Something to think about before you flush…

    • Yeah, back in the day when I used to be criticized for LEGITIMATE THINGS.

      Who has two thumbs and gets criticized for buying guys like EDEN HAZARD, HULK, MARIN, OSCAR?????


      This guy!

  15. Your a biased man. Clubs all over the world invest every year in players and young talent. Take man utd, almost a billion in debt and still spending!!! Roman wants a great team, as do we the fans. It’s not being done in an underhand way and there’s a bigger picture your refusing to look at.

  16. “garish”?

    it’s one thing to know naff-all about football and be a juvenile sh*t-stirrer, it’s another to be a mediocre writer. give up.

  17. I don’t like football fans like these commenters

    They’re so infatuated with their club they can countenance that there may be anything negative about it… until they lose of course then they call for the heads of the manager and any player that isn’t a “legend!!!”

    Just tiresome to be confronted with on any article about any club.

  18. All the transfers coming in are young and fit into the ageing squad. You basically say Luiz and Cahill are no good, which is retarded, when you tell us to “spare our outcries” Kevin hits the nail on the head, many nails on the head, with his breakdown. Chelsea is a premier destination for top talent and for some reason thats RAs fault? When you are at fault usually you have done something wrong, and Im sure he is pretty happy.

  19. Chelsea will be beasting next year. In real life and Fifa 13.

    Chelsea have done exactly what they needed to do.

    Buy good, young, attacking, versatile players. They’ve done that 4 times already this summer.


    I don’t like chelsea, but they’ve done what teams like arsenal need to do.

  20. Oh, by the way.

    This article was pointless, worthless, and absolutely pathetic.

    Abramovich has done flipping amazing. His process is brilliant.

    He likes Player A. He buys Player A. Player A then goes on to become a stud or if not, is sold down the road (bosingwa, shevchenko, etc.).

    None of this Wenger bullcrap.

    Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, block rumours, start rumours, negotiate, negotiate. AND THEN FCK ALL HAPPENS.

  21. Who will tell EDR that this article sucks so much?

    • I will!!


      This article remind me of germany euro performance. Try so hard to be taken seriously, but in the end they’re worthless.

  22. EDR what about an article on how well Chelsea have done in this transfer window capturing the best young talent and overhauling their ageing squad which is well documented.

    • Heeeeeeeeeeeey!!

      That’s what I’m taaaaaaaalkin’ about!!

      *chest bump*

      I like myself because I do exactly what most young adults would do in manager mode on FIFA game.

      See amazing talent. Buy said amazing talent. TADAAAAH!

  23. Hey EDR!

    You jelly of my money?? Huh? You jelly bro?

  24. Dude I don’t think you know what your on about Chelsea are a brilliant ant club with good new talented faces coming in and by the way mister abramovich created and bought the likes of robben drogba lampard ashley cole ivanovic and lots more. Now tell me sir that does aren’t world class players.

  25. First off Ethan Dean-Richards, you wrote a very good piece showing one side of the RA Chelsea transfer buying and selling saga. But Kevin had one of the best thought out and provoking posting I have seen on The Footy Blog since I have been a fan of The Footy Show (many years since the days of SportsWorld). Every story has two sides and everyone has a right to their sides as well as support their club. This is why I love The Footy Blog and how open it is, uncensored it is. Long live the beautiful game

    • Thank you for including the word “uncensored”. Much appreciated. =)

      SOOooooOoooo…how’s pre-season comin’ along big guy? ;)

  26. Why does everyone think AB just buys whatever shiny object he lays his eyes on? Do people honestly believe that the entire billion dollar club does not have a proper budget, scouting staff, and many intelligent professionals coming together to make decisions on what this club needs?

    There was an obvious hole in attacking options for chelsea, you need to be able to score more goals in the league. With Cole/Bertrand for LB, Terry/Luiz/Cahill/Iva for CBs, and a potential buying for a RB/Iva, our defence has and will be solid. I don’t think people realize how underrated Cahill is. Add in that our 2 defensive midfielders will have a battle between Ramires (booked), Mikel (who is still world class), Essien (injuries have plagued him, but he’s healthy for now), Meireles (who played very well in CL last year and for portugal), and Lamps, who is freaking Frank Lampard and played bloody brilliant last year. So upfront, we only honestly had Mata with Ramires, who was pushed upfront. So Hazard and Oscar, with Marin as depth, seems fair to me in filling the holes we may have.

    Also, please take into account the ages of the stars Chelsea are buying. They are young, have room to grow, and players like Oscar and Marin will not demand 90 mins a week. It was maybe a bit irresponsible in the past when they went after older players, but they are buying some serious potential and upside in their recent dealings.


  28. It looks like Abramovich has a crazy mullet in that photo lol

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