Canadian content rules The overwhelming spirit of the Oympics requires me to write something on Canada’s 2-2 draw against Sweden (I kid, of course). It was a fun game for the neutral perhaps, particularly as Canada markedly improved after a defensively morose first half, coming back from two goals down and making a fairly smart case for a third against an impressive Swedish side. But should Canada push beyond their guaranteed quarterfinal, this Olympic tournament will be notable for the rise in stature of Melissa Tancredi.

She scored both goals in the comeback draw, and has four already this tournament. Despite all the pre-tournament talk of “get the ball to Sinclair,” the star striker has dropped noticeably deeper than in the World Cup last year. Tanc, as has been noted by some on the Internet, has been scoring from crosses from wide positions. Considering Canada’s not always convincing but certainly determined work through the middle, this is probably a good thing.

Other than that, Erin McLeod still seems like a major liability in goal, but I suppose John Herdman knows what he’s doing on that front. Let’s hope it isn’t “trying to instill confidence” or some such sports psychology nonsense. The quarters though has to be viewed as a major success. Some nice GIFS of Tanc’s goals and much more on this little Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Tanc.