Canadian content rules The overwhelming spirit of the Oympics requires me to write something on Canada’s 2-2 draw against Sweden (I kid, of course). It was a fun game for the neutral perhaps, particularly as Canada markedly improved after a defensively morose first half, coming back from two goals down and making a fairly smart case for a third against an impressive Swedish side. But should Canada push beyond their guaranteed quarterfinal, this Olympic tournament will be notable for the rise in stature of Melissa Tancredi.

She scored both goals in the comeback draw, and has four already this tournament. Despite all the pre-tournament talk of “get the ball to Sinclair,” the star striker has dropped noticeably deeper than in the World Cup last year. Tanc, as has been noted by some on the Internet, has been scoring from crosses from wide positions. Considering Canada’s not always convincing but certainly determined work through the middle, this is probably a good thing.

Other than that, Erin McLeod still seems like a major liability in goal, but I suppose John Herdman knows what he’s doing on that front. Let’s hope it isn’t “trying to instill confidence” or some such sports psychology nonsense. The quarters though has to be viewed as a major success. Some nice GIFS of Tanc’s goals and much more on this little Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Tanc.

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  1. Awesome result!

    How close was that to a handball by Tancredi? She differentially directed it with her shoulder.

  2. Richard,

    It would be nice to have you write on Canadian soccer without always sounding as if it’s a chore or having that bit of sarcasm. I realize that writing about Canadian soccer can be extremely frustrating (I’ve been a follower since 2000), but I felt that the women’s team today could have packed it in after going down 2-0, but finally showed the resilience they’d been lacking for so long. I’m not saying they’re going to win it all, but they seemed to come into their own and put up some great stats. Possession was over 60 percent and they definitely out-chanced Sweden. All I’m saying is with all the positive changes occurring with the CSA, and with this positive result (yes, I know it was a tie), can’t we at least try to be a little bit excited?

    • Cringle, I used to get tired of Richard’s constant negativity vis-a-vis Canada, but then I realized he is kind of sour, condescending and miserable about everything (albeit, not in an ignorant, snarky way, but more in a posh, smarmy, I-know-a-lot-of-words way). Must be a fun guy at parties.

    • They stuck to the task and battled back, playing some good football along the way. Good on them and great to see Tancredi putting away the chances. I’m hoping for the tourney top scorer.

      I thought it was the Swedes who lacked the mental toughness in this match: at 2-0 they thought they had it won and even at 2-1 they seemed to lack urgency. After the scored was tied, they looked poor but we opted to kill off the clock.

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