And Henry Winter does a sad:


Filigno scored a wonderful volley off a corner, and Sinclair took a precision free-kick. I mean, there’s still 45 minutes to go, and with McLeod in net, you never know. But…LIMPICS!

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  1. Every Footy fan in Canada should get behind these women.
    They’re doing the country proud. Semi Final Vs the USA on Monday
    Come On Canada!.

    • Brilliant match today by the Canadian women…here’s to scalping the Americans on Monday! Go Canada Go!

  2. Great result for our Canadian girls, very good first half but too many give aways from indecision and tentative passes in the second.
    They will need to play a full game against the Americans if they are to advance to the final.
    Japan v USA is my guess for the gold medal game.

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