Team GB is dead

Well, the Olympic Association Football Team GB in any case. From the Guardian:

Alex Horne, the general secretary of the Football Association, has said the Team GB men’s team will not play again and that it is “unlikely” that the women’s team will be allowed to enter the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

London 2012 marked the first time a Great Britain women’s team had competed at the Olympics while the men had not been involved since 1960.

You can understand why. Horne, along with the FA, is concerned with maintaining the special status given by FIFA to the “home nations”—England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The idea being of course that diluting them as part of a Team Great Britain in future Olympics would push FIFA to end their special status.

Really though? Is this threat that well-founded as to nix the highly-popular Women’s Team GB football team? And if so, the point of the most exercise in the first place seems lost.

But it’s hard to believe FIFA would seriously countenance merging some of the oldest international teams in the world, thereby making themselves even more unpopular in the nation that houses the world’s most lucrative and internationally recognized domestic football leagues, simply because Team GB fields a funny looking team for the Olympics.

FIFA is a horrible organization, but even they should see the optics there. Certainly better to see a Team GB in the Olympics then no home nation at all? Which should be the alternative.