David Ornstein has been on his game all week – no reason to believe this will not happen.

Song has reportedly cleared out his locker and said his goodbyes – he will not play tomorrow. After training with his Arsenal teammates this morning the midfielder met with Wenger, asked to leave and collected his things. All business.

Securing Nuri Sahin on a season long loan would be quite the coup for Wenger. Just yesterday reports indicated the Turkish international was heading to Liverpool.

How the Gunners respond to the rash of personnel changes will be one of the storylines to watch this weekend.

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  1. Maybe I’m so numb from all the other deals, but I’m not howling mad about this.

    Make no mistake: I loved Song. Every club needs a tough guy with skill and crazy hair. Moreover, he was very much a Wenger project from the time we got him. In the beginning he was a slightly clumsy central defender with a famous uncle. I remember being upset with him when I saw him play two or three years ago; seemingly every pass he made was either square or backwards. Through coaching and his own hard work, he has developed into quite a good central midfielder.

    I’d love it if he stayed but I believe Barca are going to pay between 15 and 18 million pounds for him (I gleaned these figures from other articles). If Barca want to pay us that much money for someone who would be lucky to get 15 total appearances for them, we should let them. EDR’s post earlier today dovetails nicely with this bit of business: Barca hoovers up a good player and a good player sacrifices playing time for little real purpose.

    Besides, I think Sahin is better than Song. Bundesliga Player of the Year is not too shabby. I don’t know what happened to him at Real (don’t follow La Liga that closely), but a lot of great players fail to make it there. It’s not an indictment of their talent.

    I remember the summer that Ronaldo, Kaka et al signed for the team and forced Sneijder and Robben out. Those players carried their respective teams to the CL Final and later the World Cup Final while Real Madrid lost to Lyon, I believe.

    I don’t think Wenger’s done either. I wonder who’s coming next.

    • Re: Sahin, just couldn’t get on the field. It says something that Jose does not want to sell him outright.

      • Yeah, could have just been a system thing rather than he’s crap. Not every player can succeed in every system. With our style of play, a German speaking manager and many German players (I hope he and Poldi have buried the hatchet!), Sahin should be very comfortable.

    • excellent comments you should be writing the articles.

    • Hello my brother i completely agree with all u have said but i have been striken by the way Sahin is better than song ,just to ask you if you are a football fan ;thank you very much

    • For the record: Real Madrid lost to Barcelona at the semis that season, and then to Bayern this past season. I’m not sure if they lost to Lyon but they were never eliminated by them, as you seem to suggest. In fact, Madrid’s 2010-11 campaign was the first time the club had reached the quarterfinal of the UCL in seven years.

      Sahin was injured for much of last season, and then also had to compete for a spot with the likes of Xabi Alonso, who plays the same deep-lying playmaker role. Until Xabi retires or begins to fade Sahin will struggle to earn minutes on the pitch, which makes the loan a prudent move for both Sahin and RM.

  2. Arsenal Lack:

    1) A proper, world class, central striker.

    2) A proper, world class, defensive midfielder.

    3) A proper back up to Bacary Sagna.

    4) A proper, world class, left back.

    Cazorla, Podolski and other good players left on this team will just use arsenal as a spring board to go on to bigger and better things. Or they’ll decide that playing for arsenal and winning fck all is not that bad. Sahin isn’t going to leave Madrid that easily. Mourinho needs him.

    This team is gonna get destroyed this year, domestically and in europe. Yikes.

    • You are a complete twat and I’m guessing a yid fan crying that your forever in our shadow! 12 year old key board warrior… Twat

    • Why does Mourinho need him? For what?

    • And where do you think Arsenal are going to get all these world class players from and the money to pay them world class wages? This isn’t FIFA12.

    • Wow, arent you smart. Name me any team and I can find AT LEAST FIVE things they lack. Who do you support?

      United: Keeper, CB, 2 CM’s, backup at LB and RB
      Spurs: striker, backup striker, attacking mid, CB, AM
      Liverpool: AM, DM, backup striker, CB, “proper” RB and LB

      lacking 4 things doesnt mean much IMO. You seem to think that to have a good squad you need 2 world class players at every position, but unless you are Barca or Madrid its not gonna happen.

      • Eh, I’ll give you one CM and LB cover, but if there are players United aren’t lacking, it’s at keeper and CB (yes, there are injuries, but they will be back).

    • shut you’re just a joke

    • how can it its alot better than last years shite that finished third hmmm go to school

    • Every team needs strengthening and managers are always looking for new players whilst monitoring their own players and coaching any players that require improvement,thats their job.
      We can all look at and scrutinise “our” teams or other teams and point out where new/better players are required until the cows come home. But we are dismissing two factors

      • Sorry two factors are

        1. money, only the select minority can look at a team and replace 3/4/5 players in one go.
        2. overlooking the obvious that most teams are better than the sum of their parts.

  3. let them go arsenal still is spelled as A R S E N A L so we go

  4. why would you be bothered if song left why do people think hes so great just shows you real madrid are back as spains no1 when barca sign players like song joe average

  5. NURI SAHIN GET IN! I just have this feeling Arsenal might win something this season

  6. as for spurs fans
    5-2 with a shit team and saggy got the sack and you got a chelsea wrecking machine well done yes we are rock bottom but we still finished above you.

  7. song why i just dont understand u at all to be honest why dont u have faith in ur friends why dont u wait and see what will happen on the pitch why dont u work with ur friends together why dont u give ur self a thought before u decide. i thought u will even say to ur friend let work hard and we will win the pl but here u are asking to leave why. i wish u will change ur mind and say sorry to the boss and commit ur self to the club u love so much. we all no barca are great club but football is all about working together on the pitch and correct each other mistake on the pitch that make u winner. yes i am a good footballer but i stop playing cos i was commit to my team alot of clubs come for me with alot of money but i did not go becos i love my team and my teammate very much that i cant leave them and go to other club i was very commit to the club i love the club and i push the club all over befor i stop playing football cos i did not have good manager. so pls take heart and stay with arsenal and i am sure when u people work hard and talk to each other without fairing any team u meet i am sure u will win something this year with the friend u have.

  8. Song was really coming around. I believe he was one of the top pass % and assist man’s in the EPL last year? Have fun on the bench at Barca, this baffles me.

    Sahin, with more signings to come!

    “He leaves when he waaaaants… Ohhhh, Robin Van Persie… He leaves when he wants…”

    • Actually GN, Song wasn’t that adept at passing in the final third. Via @FT_Whistle:
      “Alex Song had the poorest pass completion rate in the final 3rd out of #AFC’s midfielders (31%) and only completed 24 of 90 through balls.”

      Though we remember the wonderful passes to RvP, they failed more often than not.

  9. Speed of play, look it up. Every time Song is on the ball, he takes 4 or 5 touches. Arsene knows talent and could care less if Song leaves. RVP hurt Arsene as did Cesc, Arsene has been looking for Songs replacement for two years now. Bring on Sahin, I can’t wait.

  10. All of You, no one talks about wage system, it’s an important problem in football players turnover were wage system, Celsit and city have destroyed the wage system in EPL, so all of top players want to sign with other club.

  11. With the imminent departure of Song, I believe Arsenal will make one more signing before the end of the transfer window. Song was a good central midfielder with an aggressive side but agreed with his lack of passing ability in the final third of the pitch, Always one of his shortfalls at his time at the club. But Wenger and his staff have groomed Song over the years, he’ll look good on the bench at Barcelona. Thanks for the 15-18m for him

    Sahin will be a nice piece for the side. That’s if Liverpool doesn’t swoop down and steal him away like reports are saying. A season-long loan with a possible transfer next summer to the club from Real Madrid.

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