It was a great summer for the cynics.

Robin van Persie crushed the spirits of Arsenal supporters around the world with his horribly timed website message that declared he was finished with the Gunners. Rather than remain with his teammates while a transfer was worked out, Clint Dempsey basically said screw it, took his ball and went home. Luka Modric’s transfer safa has resigned most Spurs supporters I know to a state of apathy.

“Football is a business” – shouts the inebriated man in the corner of the bar. He’s right, now so more than ever money talks. Being under contract  - ahem, Alex Song – doesn’t matter when one of the mega-clubs approach a player with a proverbial cloth bag with a dollar sign.

This morning the purists  - or the horribly naive, take your pick – got some good news. Roma’s Daniele De Rossi had been linked to Manchester City for weeks. City was prepared to offer him more money and a legitimate shot at silverware.  The Roman was excellent last year, only Andrea Pirlo completed more passes per game than De Rossi last season. Surprise, surprise – the home town kid wants to stay:

Maybe it was the vocal support directed by the Giallorossi faithful at De Rossi during Roma’s last game. Maybe any sane 29 year old professional footballer would prefer Rome over Manchester – ding ding ding!

Whatever the reason it’s a big day for the Serie A. A summer exodus saw some of the country’s best young players leave Italy. Yes, De Rossi is the highest paid player in the league, but he would’ve earned more by moving to City. Loyalty trumped greed. It’s a good day to be a Roman.

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Canada opens the women’s U-20 World Cup with a solid win over Argentina.


Scott Sinclair set to join Manchester City.

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“We didn’t use Van Persie properly”  - Sir Alex Ferguson

According to Roberto Martinez Liverpool did make him an offer…he just turned it down.

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Hopeful thinking…Antonio Conte expects full acquittal.

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AC Milan swap for Pazzini nearing the final stages.

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Sampdoria beat Barcelona, capture Gamper Trophy.


Athletic Bilbao making Bayern wait over Martinez.

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Fernando Llorente could end up in the Premiership.

Real Madrid’s Pepe released from hospital.

Bits and bobs

Data released by Adidas from Messi’s ‘miCoach’ chip.

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Classic interview…Neville interviews Neville  (2:14…Hello Phillip, Hello Gary).

Adebayor reacts to all the abuse from Arsenal fans on Twitter…seems like he has a lot of time on his hands nowadays.

Today’s rumor roundup. 

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Comments (11)

  1. Grande De Rossi, Grande Roma!

  2. forza italia! :)

  3. The Best Box to Box Midfielder in the game right now. Hope Roma can build a contender around him

  4. “Scott Sinclair set to join (adam johnson on the bench at) Manchester City” is what that article should be called.

  5. I’m a Lazio supporter, but good on De Rossi for not having his head turned by riches.

  6. good now Manchester United go put in an offer for him lol

  7. Hello Philip…Hello Gary!

  8. I’m sick of everybody blaming the players for being greedy. What happens when one of the big clubs is done with a player who had a few pretty good seasons but never became a star? They discard his ass, his contract, the city he calls home. Yes Alex Song was approached by a blank cheque and went to a nicer city in a better climate and a team that actually wins. But if he stayed, took a more meagre salary raise and in two years blew the fuck out of his knee what would Arsenal do with him then? Send him down Eduardo da Silva Avenue, no?

  9. i think that players have all the right to search new and exciting projects even if that means leaving the club and the fans that has loved them for years, now there are cases such as van persie´s case where he went to play for the eternal rival of Arsenal, i think that kind of situations are pure treason, but cases such as Modric, Song, Dempsey, shouldn´t be bad seen, after all they are on their right.

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