10 minutes into his debut at Old Trafford, Robin van Persie opened his 2012/13 account with a beautiful goal. Still got it. As I type Shinji Kagawa has scored his first goal for the red devils to put United up 2-1. Smiles all around at Old Trafford.

Update: Rafael has made it 3-1 United. I guess this means Norwich are really, really bad or United is that good. Or Fulham is having a rough day. Hashtag analysis.

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  1. Van, the man! Utd, that’s where u belong to!

  2. On a more serious note, Utd. looked a lot like last year’s version of Arsenal, except with a crappier midfield. They got no D at the moment (better off not playing Carrick) and Dembele was twice as good as Anderson & Cleverley combined. Giggs was ineffectual, although they really shouldn’t expect anything from him and Scholes.

    If they don’t get healthy at the back soon, they’re not winning anything.

  3. united looked awful today there midfield must surely get better if they r expected to contend for the title this year lucky to eek out the 3 points today

  4. I thought they looked okay. They slowed down too much in the second half, and that ugly second goal shook em up a bit. Dembele’s dominance was pretty concerning though. Pretty much did what he wanted, when he wanted. What happened to the United team that would always hunt for goals, regardless of the score?

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