The greatest photo ever? The greatest photo ever.

Blackburn’s “global adviser” – only Venky’s, bah – Shebby Singh made waves earlier this month at a meeting organized by the Blackburn Rovers Action Group. Singh claimed manager Steve Kean would be fired if he lost three consecutive npower Championship games. The former Malaysian footballer also called Morten Gamst Pedersen – the longest serving Rover – a pensioner. Dude’s only 30.

Singh issued this apology days later:

“My blunt honesty also sometimes upsets people and sometimes rubs people up the wrong way. I am making efforts to bring the club back to the fans and, in trying to do that, I have gone too far. I am trying to find the middle ground.”

Yesterday Pederson scored the winner in Blackburn’s 2-1 triumph over Leicester City. The old man busted out a cane during his goal celebration in a clear dig at Singh’s comments. So many questions.

How long was this planned?

Who owns the cane?

It’s a good thing he scored early in the season – having that ever ominous cane on the sidelines for months would’ve gotten weird.