Liverpool FC’s American owner wrote an open-letter to the club’s supporters to explain the paucity in spending this transfer window. It seemed a little…familiar. So, I made a few edits. Perhaps the DNC might consider it? Original letter here.

I am as disappointed as anyone connected with [the United States] that we were unable to add further to our [work] force in this summer [economic quarter], but that was not through any lack of desire or effort on the part of all of those involved. They pushed hard in the final days of the [summer] on a number of [job] targets and it is unfortunate that on this occasion we were unable to conclude acceptable deals to [meet those targets].

No one should doubt our commitment to the [nation]. In [Ben Bernanke] we have a talented [Federal Reserve manager] and we have valued highly his judgement about the make-up of the [economy]. This is a work in progress. It will take time for [Ben] to instill his philosophy into the [economy] and build exactly what he needs for the long term.

The [economic] policy was not about cutting costs. It was – and will be in the future – about getting maximum value for what is spent so that we can build quality and depth. We are avowed proponents of [the Simpson-Bowles commission] – something we heartily applaud. We must comply its guidelines that ensure spending is tied to income. We have been successful in improving the revenue side of the [ledger] and the monies generated going forward will give us greater spending power in the coming years.

We are still in the process of reversing the errors of previous regimes. It will not happen overnight. It has been compounded by our own mistakes in a difficult first two years of ownership. It has been a harsh education, but make no mistake, the [country] is healthier today than when we took over.

Spending is not merely about [generating jobs]. Our ambitions do not lie in cementing [our economic growth] with expensive, short-term quick fixes that will only contribute for a couple of years. Our emphasis will be on developing our own [workers] with the skills of an increasingly impressive [education system]. Much thought and investment already have gone into developing a self-sustaining pool of [workers] imbued in the [nations]‘s traditions.

That ethos is to win. We will invest to succeed. But we will not mortgage the future with risky spending.
After almost [four] years [in the White House], we are close to having the system we need in place. The [latest jobs report] may not have been perfect but we are not just looking at the next [eight] weeks until [the election]: we are looking at the next [four] years and beyond. These are the first steps in restoring one of the world’s great [nations] to its proper status.

It will not be easy, it will not be perfect, but there is a clear vision at work.

We will build and grow from within, buy prudently and cleverly and never again waste resources on inflated [entitlements] and unrealistic [tax cuts]. We have no fear of spending and competing with the very best but we will not [thrust this country into unnecessary debt].

We will never place this [country] in the precarious position that we found it in when we took over at [the White House]. This [nation] should never again run up debts that threaten its existence.

Most of all, we want to win. That ambition drives every decision. It is the [American] way. We can and will generate the revenues to achieve that aim. There will be short-term setbacks from time to time, but we believe we have the right people in place to bring more glory to [America].

Finally, I can say with authority that [my leadership] is not about [personal gain]. Contrary to popular opinion, [politicians] rarely get involved in [government] in order to [gain noteriety]. They generally get involved with [an office] in order to compete and work for the benefit of their [nation]. It’s often difficult. In our case we work every day in order to generate revenues to improve the [country]. We have only one driving ambition [in America] and that is the quest to win the [global economy] [employing] the kind of [policies] our supporters want to see. That will only occur if we do absolutely the right things to build [America] in a way that makes sense for [citizens], for us and for those who will follow us. We will deliver what every [citizen of the USA] aches for.