It’s not about the money, you shallow, shallow people. From CR7′s Twitter account:

That I am feeling sad and have expressed this sadness has created a huge stir. I am accused of wanting more money, but one day it will be shown that this is not the case. At this point, I just want to guarantee to the Real Madrid fans that my motivation, dedication, commitment and desire to win all competitions will not be affected. I have too much respect for myself and for Real Madrid to ever give less to the club than all I am capable of. Abrazos to all madridistas

In my limited experience on planet earth, any time anyone says it’s not about the money means it’s precisely about the money, although there may be some boot-throwing story to emerge at some point.

My own feeling is this will be about as banal as we think it is: something related to a “lack of spiritual support” over his UEFA award snub or some such nonsense. Hell, people have gone into paroxysms of sadness over losing their parking spot, so, well, it could be anything. I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT.