The latest from KCKRS is a good reminder that it’s never a good idea to reduce the “Modern Footballer” to a Daily Mail caricature of an evil, self-interested man-whore only interested in crashing Ferraris and bankrupting League Two clubs.

According to UEFA, players are still kicking the ball out of play when an opponent goes down injured despite directives that the responsibility to stop play now lies with the referee and they should continue until they hear a whistle. In other news, habits are hard to break and it’s still hilarious players are afraid not to play the ball out in a gentlemanly fashion but will fall over if the local air pressure changes by 1/1000th of a millibar.

Not only that, but players will also crowd the ref at the slightest provocation in the same game they’ll swap shirt and shake hands with opposition players.

In other words, footballers are creatures of complex conventions and habits rather than simple purveyors of evil, just like everyone else. Some habits involve old gentlemanly things like halting play for injuries and helping prone opposition players get back on their feet. Others involve being total and utter dicks.

Perhaps we might look at ways to curb certain bad habits and encourage healthy ones, rather than holding players to a silly moral standard.

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  1. After reading the Koln hooligan story, I’d propose an edit: “footballers are creatures of complex conventions and habits rather than simple purveyors of evil, unlike everyone else.”

  2. I kind of wish they wouldn’t kick the ball out; I’ve seen too many people taking advantage of this convention by faking injuries to stop their opponents counter-attacking (especially in La Liga). Unfortunately, keeping the ball in play is almost more trouble than it’s worth because the opposing team usually spends the next 5 minutes wailing to the referee about as if you just poisoned their dog, regardless of whether their team mate is really injured or not.

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