It’s one of the glorious quirks of the current transfer market that France’s Number 1 is set to play second fiddle to Brad Friedel. Hugo Lloris, at least by an indirect account c/o Didier Deschamps, is the subject of this year’s leading screw job following his move from Lyon to Tottenham Hotspur on Deadline Day: he won’t be starting for Spurs on Sunday against Reading.

It is perfectly within the rights of Tottenham to pick whichever player to start under their employ, but what wonders at the hubris of signing the France national team keeper and one of the world’s best goaltenders as a back up option for an eighty-nine year-old American, particularly as there is every indication Daniel Levy et al promised Lloris a starting role.

And the suggestion that Lloris, Ligue 1′s best GK, has to “work hard” to get an in-form Friedel’s place is not only insulting to him, but the entire French national team and domestic league. The decision was almost certainly Andre Villas-Boas’, a man who seems intent on publicly humiliating very talented players. While it seemed at one point to be some sort of football futurist intent on turning over a new leaf at Chelsea, he’s starting to come off as an epic asshole.

What was the point of swooping in for the keeper on the final day of the transfer window only to publicly shit all over him? Surely it’s worth benching Friedel for a game against a newly promoted side under the pretence of at least trying the keeper out? Brad’s a big boy; despite the Daily Mail trying to make him come off as a douchebag, his statement on the matter was pretty diplomatic:

‘I feel like I played pretty well in my last game and hopefully I continue to get picked. Right now I believe the shirt is mine to lose.
‘I believe the manager came out and said that and if this is the case then it’s a great challenge for me.’

Despite the wild imagination of tabloid writers, supplanted goalies don’t always make a giant stink when they lose their place to the French national team goal keeper, nor do they lose their form by taking a single weekend off. But I suppose everybody knows what they’re doing…