1. Photo of the day

Ryo Miyaichi really wanted to play.

2. Tweet of the day


Alex’s definition of good football is far too nuanced for you or I.

3. Downplaying significant stuff of the day

Jose Mourinho isn’t worried about CR7. Why should he be, anyways. The Portuguese superstar may not be happy, but his performance on the pitch hasn’t suffered. I don’t believe a word of what I just wrote. An individual’s stature, or lack there of, shouldn’t be taken into account when mental health is in play. Mourinho came off like a bit of a clown, frankly:

“If he’s sad and plays the way he plays, that is perfect by me, it is all the same to me,” Mourinho said during a news conference Friday.

It’s a business, I get that. But Mourinho’s casual dismissal of Ronaldo’s ‘sadness’ is grating. Managers are not babysitters, but their success is defined by the players on the field. After making a living off of these men, treating their problems with utter disdain is not cool. In the same press conference Mourhinho spoke about this fact:

“I am a coach and results are my job because when the results aren’t good, I get killed,” Mourinho said. “Cristiano works at the highest level, sometimes better and other times worse and he can’t always score goals, but he is a team player, works in solidarity and in our practices and at our level of discipline he sets the highest example.”

Pitch perfect. He’s right and we know it, but I think he needs to sit down with his star and talk – would be surprised if they haven’t already.

4. Video of the day

Via r/soccer we get this string of amazing challenges in the Manchester United-Wigan game. It’s like FIFA in real life!