szólj hozzá: Hannover 3-2 Werder Bremen

No matter what the league – it was house for me – scoring the game winning goal is pretty damn awesome. Apparently Szabolcs Huszti agrees with me, if today’s events are to be believed.

Huszti’s injury time bicycle kick strike lifted Hannover over Werder Bremen this afternoon. The Hungarian footballer proceeded to tear of his shirt and celebrate with Die Roten supporters in the stands. The striker was rewarded with a red card for his exploits:

“These are just pure emotions. That’s why you play football,” Hannover coach Mirko Slomka said. Even referee Deniz Aytekin seemed a bit apologetic, saying: “It pains you a little but I had no choice.”

The world just aint fun anymore.

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  1. I think it is a really silly rule, but it is a rule and one that players are well aware of. The ref is correct, he had no other option, but you have to sympathize with the guy too. Players often get away with over the top tackles that could finish an opponents career, but rarely if ever get away with this.

  2. I would have thought he would only be booked for one of taking the shirt off or jumping into the stands, not both.

    I think there is some sympathy for someone who scored an injury time winner, but those are the rules, as stupid as it is.

    The taking off of the shirt booking has to be one of the more pointless rules in football, in my opinion.

  3. Remember a little thing called Hillsborough?

    Remember how fans died because they got crushed?

    The reason why players are not allowed to jump into the stands is because it results in people pushing those who are in front of them in a bid to celebrate with the player.

    It’s a well known fact that any player will get booked if he goes into the stands to celebrate with the supporters because it’s a crowd safety issue.

    Moreover, everyone also knows that taking off your shirt after scoring a goal is a yellow card offence.

    If a player commits two well documented bookable offences does that not equal a red card?

  4. You take off your shirt, you get a card. He was on a yellow. It’s that simple. As a ref, I hear the argument about what the rules SHOULD be all the time. Personally, I could care less one way or the other what they SHOULD be.

    Ref’s concern is with what they are. And the rules state exuberant goal celebrations take a yellow.

    Should Hustzi have known better since he was on a yellow?


    Do you think Hustzi cares that he’s gong to miss the next game after scoring that goal?

    Probably not.

    Think the ref cares?

    Probably not.

    There is no emotion in officiating. If anything, it takes us experience and discipline to REMOVE our opinion of what we think SHOULD happen in a match and replace it with what FIFA wants according to it’s laws.

    The call is what it is, like it or lump it and it’s no secret to anyone that when you take of your shirt, you get a yellow.

    FIFA doesn’t give a damn if I disagree with the rule, and I don’t think they give a damn if the official did either.

    Great call by the ref. It’s little things like that that get you noticed and promoted. It’s neglecting to make those calls that really make themselves that will get you demoted and black listed in our world.

    So, to answer the question, damn right he should have given that yellow card, and the ref should have given it twice just to make sure he didn’t get fined for missing it.

    • Perfectly said Ghetto! I’m a ref too here in BC and fully support that Bundesliga officials decision.

  5. besides the infractions, Huszti has been a pimp this year. Player of the year in the Bundesliga so far. Great piece of business from Jörg Schmadtke to bring him back to Hannover,

  6. The funniest second yellow leading to a red after a game winning goal of all time is Eric Hassli’s from last year when he was a Whitecap. He scored the game winning goal, and removed his shirt to show…..another shirt exactly like it. He wore 2 that day! It was still a second yellow and he was off.

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