Julian de Guzman saved FC Dallas’ season with an incredible volley in extra time last night. The 25 yard strike pushed the Texans to 36 points, one point behind Vancouver for the final playoff spot in the West.

That’s all well and good – the crowd’s reaction to the goal was pretty damn cool – but de Guzman made headlines in these parts with his post match comments:

“I’ll never forget the words of [current TFC manager] Paul Mariner saying that he wants to make sure he’ll send me to a last-place team and let me burn in the heat,” a candid de Guzman said. “It worked out for myself, getting the last laugh, the karma of things. Right now who’s the last place team in the league and who’s battling for the playoffs?”

He who laughs last laughs the most – or something. The chances we’ll know what really went down between Mariner and De Guzman are slim, but the Canadian’s comments are incredibly candid – so much so that I’m inclined to believe him. We’ve all said things we wish we hadn’t at some point in our lives – but even with that acknowledged, Mariner’s lack of civility is disappointing. Hopefully we’ll get a response from the TFC boss.

Though the on field product remains abysmal, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to TFC.