Julian de Guzman saved FC Dallas’ season with an incredible volley in extra time last night. The 25 yard strike pushed the Texans to 36 points, one point behind Vancouver for the final playoff spot in the West.

That’s all well and good – the crowd’s reaction to the goal was pretty damn cool – but de Guzman made headlines in these parts with his post match comments:

“I’ll never forget the words of [current TFC manager] Paul Mariner saying that he wants to make sure he’ll send me to a last-place team and let me burn in the heat,” a candid de Guzman said. “It worked out for myself, getting the last laugh, the karma of things. Right now who’s the last place team in the league and who’s battling for the playoffs?”

He who laughs last laughs the most – or something. The chances we’ll know what really went down between Mariner and De Guzman are slim, but the Canadian’s comments are incredibly candid – so much so that I’m inclined to believe him. We’ve all said things we wish we hadn’t at some point in our lives – but even with that acknowledged, Mariner’s lack of civility is disappointing. Hopefully we’ll get a response from the TFC boss.

Though the on field product remains abysmal, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to TFC.

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Paul Mariner said that.

    The guy can’t even dress professionally when he comes to the game. The way he conducts himself is like a house-league soccer coach…. with the tactics to match.

  2. Ok. It is the next day now and after a rest I can say, as a Whitecaps fan, that was one hell of a goal.

    As for the backroom bickering? Save it for the WWE.

  3. I find it hard to believe that JDG would make something like that up. Glad he has found a club where he is happy.

    As for the goal… WTF!?! Wow. Hopefully he left one or two of those in his bag of tricks for the piss-baggers.

  4. I’m inclined to believe him as well.

    I think Mariner’s record and the open rebelion from the supporters groups had already sealed the coffin anyway. season ticket sales will be the dirt thrown on top. time to bring in somebody who has had success in this league…Steve Nichol.

  5. Whether Mariner said that or not I’m ecstatic for Jules. Another quality player booed out of Toronto unjustly. Ya, he didn’t become the massive player TFC wanted, but he was in no way a hindrance on the field.
    Rooting for ya Jules!

    • Agreed Zac. It was shameful (not to mention football ignorant) the way JDG was treated by certain factions of the supporters. Those that know the game know that he was a quality player in a non-quality environment. When he played with Frings, it was clear that those two knew how to work together.

      TFC’s biggest problem had little to do with JDG. It was lack of depth and having only one striker who, once injured, left the team with very, very limited offence.

      • Those that know the game know that he’s a supporting role player and not a DP player. That’s what he’s doing in Dallas right now, playing a supporting role: he’s not considered the leader there (DF10 is). If TFC weren’t holding the bag on the wages, this trade doesn’t happen.

        As much as he received too much over the top criticism for not being an offensive focal point/playmaker/goal scorer from some fans, there was always a faction of pretentious prats (the self proclaimed football “knowledgeable” as opposed to the football ignorant) who rushed to his defence with every excuse to explain away his inconsistent performances. Christ man, Frings wasn’t brought in to complement JDG: he was brought in to replace him because Winter felt the midfield lacked leadership. Here’s a little fun fact that many don’t know about: Winter wanted to move him, too.

        Hey, I loved the goal he scored and there are several things I like about his play but he’s a role player and I find it hard to believe that Dallas would resign him for anything close to the cap hit for DPs.

  6. As a big fan of JDG:

    I have no doubt Mariner said (at least something like) that, though I doubt he’d say it unprovoked, out of the blue. Disappointed in the maturity and professionalism of both player and manager.

    Knokcing the Caps out of a playoff spot would accomplish more for TFC than he ever did whilst here, so kudos.

    • It all came out of the fact that Mariner wanted to get rid of the player who wouldn’t take a buyout. Mariner become pissed that JDG wouldn’t agree to leave Toronto which culminated in TFC paying JDG to play for Dallas to the tune of about $750k (in DP money) while Dallas picked up $150k (or thereabouts) of cap money. All Toronto got back, apart from Adam Weideman, was that relatively paltry $150k (or thereabouts) in cap space.

      It was a really stupid move of TFC. Let him play out the year at which point the contract is over. At least you’re not paying your player to play for someone else.

      • Well, hopefully the North American chapter of his football career will end in a playoff spot before he returns to Europe to finish up his career. No way that he gets signed to a new deal in Dallas next year anywhere near the $350 K cap hit let alone a total DP deal. Like his possession skills as a holding mid but wouldn’t be paying more that $150 K for what he does (regardless of that great goal).

        Mariner looks like a total as*hat in the way the club is “playing” (and I use that term loosely) but de Guzman looks immature and petulant with his comments on three different interviews in the last few weeks. He needs to take the high road because he’s coming across like a “me” guy right now but taking his shots. If we don’t qualify for the Hex, should we expect comments about Hart’s leadership? Perhaps some of his teammates will be blamed? Or will he show the leadership necessary by accepting his responsibilities first.

  7. My comments on various things brought up in the comments section.
    Mariner probably said it, but was probably provoked.
    JDG is both a good player, and a poor signing for TFC (wasn’t what the team needed).
    I believe he is selfless at the very least when playing for Canada.
    Frings is a good player as well, but people are wondering if he should continue playing anymore for TFC. He needed DeGuzman as much as DeGuzman needed Frings. Again, not the type of player that is needed for the team at the moment.

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