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It’s a trope as old as Little League itself: losing sucks. Losing close games sucks even more. Losing close games after you’ve gone ahead by a goal sucks the bag. Losing those games after the 90th minute, well…there are only so many of these one can do before things get vulgar.

That’s the great thing about professional sport. While everything ‘fun’ about sport goes out the window with the first six figure paycheque—loyalty to ones team, having fun, learning, sports for sports’ sake etc.—there are two constants that link the game in your backyard to a European night at the Santiago Bernebeu: the love of winning, and hatred of losing.

Which is why harping on the fact Roberto Mancini called out Joe Hart for criticizing Manchester City for coughing up a win is silly. It is certainly not the moment to make sweeping claims about the “brittleness [of] Mancini’s temperament,” as one English commentator put it (oh hell, it was Richard Williams).

Yes, footballers are paid professionals who have a specific role to play in a clearly delineated hierarchy that begins with the owner and trickles down to the chairperson on down to the manager, the players, and the groundskeepers, and eventually perhaps the fan. But the fogginess of a post-match rage—even a game as potentially meaningless as the first Champions League group stage match—means everything is blurred for a little while.

If I were Joe Hart, I would scarce be able to use language as diplomatic as, “We can only blame ourselves” after watching Vincent Kompany inexplicably duck a Ronaldo shot in the crucial moment. Especially after having a camera shoved in my face immediately after the game.

Still, it’s Mancini’s right to disagree, and he was livid too. Does this mean there is discord? Or that this is further evidence Mancini has lost the plot? All of it absurd speculation.

And who watches the watchers anyway? One of the questions immediately posed to a jubilant Jose Mourinho from an English journalist was, “Do you feel sorry for City?” Should we really judge athletes or coaches by anything they say under these circumstances, forced to respond to the utter slop from these tabloid freaks who think nothing of complaining to their 90,000 followers about the poor Wifi in the fully-heated press box?

Post-match quotes don’t matter. They’re the equivalent of pillow talk.


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