Yes this happened last Sunday, but with Gangnam style becoming the most ‘liked’ viral video of all time we’d be remiss not to commemorate it with a weekly feature – footballers doing it in celebration. Ladies and gentleman, presenting Edinson Cavani and the dance of all dances:

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  1. Will you guys have Serie A next year? like for 13-14 season?

  2. I agree. Really missing having Serie A on my TV!!!!

  3. Still no deal with Al Jazeera for the broadcast rights?

  4. Just to let you all know that Serie A matches are broadcast by RAI Interenational. Yes they are in Italian language, but think of it this way, you can watch the games and learn or improve on a new language.

  5. weak weak dance. how do you even celebrate a penalty this way.

    and screw snorrie a, get the bundusliga. the few games on Gol TV have been fantastic

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