No full match report from me seeing as this is technically my day off. But this is what you need to know.

1. Liverpool started very well

Raheem Sterling was very adept at challenging his marker in Patrice Evra, Borini grew into the game, Steven Gerrard seemed to creep further and further forward as soon as he sensed Man United weren’t going to connect well on the counter, Luis Suarez was creative if not ruthless. So you just knew Manchester United would sneak out a win.

2. Jonjo Shelvey’s red

I’ve noticed fans discuss red cards as if they were mere reflections of a single, perfect recognizable instance of a “red card foul.” Was Jonjo Shelvey’s? Perhaps not, but why did he take the risk with a lunge that nearly speared an admittedly careless Jonny Evans in half? It doesn’t matter, it happened. And Liverpool answered admirably.

3. Steven Gerrard can still score

Yes Suso did the work on the left to find Gerrard in a perfect position, but the fact Gerrard was there at all is perhaps evidence that the ‘Frank Lampard’ aging Golden Age England player modes, which dictates the older the attacking mid, the deeper they drop, might not be the absolute truth. The man can still score. Why not recast him as a Yaya Toure?

4. Hillsborough tribute

Moving, went off without a hitch. Only a smattering of partisan ugliness, which, like a mild stomach cramp, passed soon enough.

5. Was it a penalty on Glen Johnson?

Yes. Because the ref gave it. Objectively? That question is meaningless. See number 2.

5. None of this matters

Remember that Liverpool’s ‘saving grace’ in otherwise dreadful seasons has always been beating United, so maybe let’s not go nuts on a September 23rd result. And the ‘sack Rodgers’ morons should be allowed 24 hours to let their aggression out, no more. Liverpool is a club in transition. No, Rodgers isn’t Aron Winter.