He scores when he wants. No, not talking about Steven Fletcher – the savior of my fledgling fantasy team – we’re talking Luis Suarez. The photo of the day commemorates a superb performance from the Uruguayan wonder man. Liverpool dismantled Norwich, aided by three goals from Suarez. The biggest take away from this one – reputations are hard to shake. Judge for yourself, but I think this is the egregious decision of the season thus far. A penalty is a penalty, no matter who it is.


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  1. “No gunshot, no penalty” is how it’s being called against Suarez this season.

  2. We Reds fans are used to this. An influential group of people, led by Alex Ferguson and supported by the media, have vilified Suarez from the beginning. He does go down easily but that’s not cheating. When Christiano Ronaldo did it it was to draw attention to how often he was fouled, according to Ferguson. Why doesn’t Suarez get the same sort of slack? Because he plays for Liverpool.

  3. Probably wasn’t a penalty because of how horrible those kits are.

  4. Who was it who went down? Suarez? Looks outside the box to me…

    • Yes it was Suarez, and you’re wrong about the box. That .gif barely shows the line for the penalty area – what you see near the end is the 6 yard box. So yes, Suarez is outside of the 6 yard box, but well within the penalty area.

  5. a reputation is a very hard thing to rid your self of

  6. At some point, the refs will need to remember that they’re only going to make themselves look bad by not calling stonewall penalties like this one, unless they have the stones to come out and admit they’re doing it to spite Suarez.

    And as far as Suarez’s reputation as a diver playing into this goes, let’s not forget there have been many players in the history of the EPL and soccer with reputations for diving, who still got the calls. Remember Didier Drogba?

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