Stolen from: Dirty Tackle.

I wouldn’t normally repost a Dirty Tackle video, because DT tends to get all the good stuff fresh. But as an amateur ad critic, I have to say this is one of the most ill advised commercial spots I have ever seen.

It’s an ad for a video game, I guess, which I think is based on a movie? Fuck if I know.

And chances are, neither will many of the viewers. This essentially looks like what it looks like: David Villa engaging in a very pointed act of civil unrest. He destroys a police car with a football (the Jabulani, which in reality would come apart after the third kick).

The look on his face two when the officers step out of what I can only assume is a Miami-based Taco Bell kind of gives off the impression he’d think nothing of finishing them off, perhaps with a large assault rifle.

This is really, really poor, and Barcelona was right to ban it. They might as well have replaced Easy E with Villa and made a remake of this: