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95,000 rabid fans at Camp Nou take in another amazing fixture between the two giants that sees Messi and Ronaldo at their best.


  • Changes, changes, changes. Without the services of the Piqué and Puyol , Tito Vilanova resorted to a bold pairing of Mascherano and Adriano in central defense. Iniesta returned to the starting lineup after a five game absence. For Mourinho’s men, Khedira and Ozil were given the start over Essien and Modric.
  • It was an unremarkable start to the match, though the lack of size in the Barcelona back four was glaring. Dani Alves was having a horrible time handling the lethal duo of Benzema and Ronaldo – the former should have opened the scoring in the 13th minute after being left completely unmarked in the box. Sergio Ramos nearly connected on a free header minutes later – Real’s height advantage couldn’t be overstated.
  • The aforementioned duo of Benzema and Ronaldo would combine to open the scoring in the 22nd minute. A great turn and pass from the Frenchman put CR7 in alone with Valdes. The end result – a cracking goal – was not surprising though the Barcelona keeper could’ve done better in cutting down the angle. 1-0 for the visitors.
  • Alves made way for u21 Spanish international Martín Montoya soon after. The fact that it wasn’t an injury  substitution speaks to how badly the Brazilian fared early on - Ed’s note: sounds like it was an injury. Madrid should’ve made it 2-0 if Di Maria finds an open net. The floodgates were about to open.
  • Wrong. A clever build up led by Iniesta and Jordi Alba on the right side of the pitch resulted in a dangerous cross into the Madrid box. Pepe made an absolute mess of it, mistiming his jump which allowed Messi to pounce and equalize for the Catalans. 1-1. Game on.
  • After calling everything and anything in the first half, referee Delgado Ferreira decided to let a more free flowing game emerge in the second – thank goodness. Even with this welcome change, every single foul was challenged by both teams with enough histrionics and acting to open up shop at The Globe. Iniesta goes down, Pepe complains and so forth. The football is wonderful to watch but this crap gets incredibly tiring.
  • Thankfully this was a minor footnote in a game that featured the best players in the world doing what they do so very well. After being fouled from behind by Xabi Alonso, the Argentinian wonder man did this:


  • Not to be outdone Ronaldo deposited his second goal of the game moments later. An excellent through ball from Ozil combined with poor spatial awareness from Adriano was enough for Ronaldo to bask in the hate at Camp Nou. We are incredibly fortunate to watch these men play football.
  • Martin Montoya nearly became the most unlikely hero late, but this was a game destined for a draw. Barcelona drops their first point in their league campaign but maintain an eight point lead over Madrid. Ronaldo > Messi, Messi > Ronaldo. Who cares. Enjoy them while you can.

Three stars

1. Leo Messi

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Mesut Özil

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  1. ronaldo should be first star

    • I was splitting hairs. Consider them 1a and 1b on this day.

      • I understand your need to include ronalda in the top three to appease the madrid followers.

        I can assure you that your #1 choice is bang on. Well done =)

    • Apparently ronalda’s hair dresser is the same guy that does Aaron Lennon’s eyebrows.


  2. Alves substitution was because of injury btw

  3. I truly feel terrible for my future children that they won’t get to watch Ronnie and Leo play each other. I feel we’re so blessed to be able to witness this.

  4. Even though that girl ronalda managed to have 2 goals put on a plate for him by Benzema and Ozil, HOW ON EARTH there is still a debate about who’s better?!?!?!?!

    Messi gets compared to Maradona/Pele every single day of the week.

    ronalda?? Gets compared to Messi hahahahahahaha.

    ronalda only finishes off moves created by Alonso, Ozil or someone else. Rarely does he manufacture a team more of great quality when he’s being marked and hacked by 3-4 players simultaneously for 90+ minutes.

    Messi – I can now say that his freekicks are fcking light years better than ronalda. Messi’s shot to goal ratio of freekicks taken at all levels (international, liga, etc.) over the past year or so kicks ronalda’s ratio in the ass hahahaha.


    ronalda??? scores 2 pathetic lil shots from 2 feet out and disappears for the rest of the game. He WASN’T EVEN DOUBLE TEAMED MOST OF THE TIME. HE COULDN’T EVEN GET THE BEST OF MONTOYA HAHAHAHAHA, other than that one time lol.

    I can’t believe this…I honestly can’t believe this.

    Barcelona FC – No defence, terrible goal keeper, no height, strength in the team against a 100% strong real madrid and Barcelona FC STILL KICK THEIR ASSES….WITH ADRIANO AT CENTER BACK?!?!?!

    Yikes. Perhaps another 80 million euro next summer will help them.

    Barcelona were beast.

    • hahahaha and messi’s first goal wasnt handed to him you dummy, so your making excuses for ronaldo scoring on them today what about the last 5 el clasicos hes scored in?..cant wait to see ronaldo hoist the ballon d’or than will see what you have to say about whos the best in the world..didier if messi’s cock got bit by a rattle snake we all know you would be the first to drop to your knees to suck the venom out

      • Hahahahahaha Messi’s first goal WASN’T handed too him big guy. He had a split second to react to a ball redirected pathetic attempt of a clearance/dive by pepe. Fortunate? YES.

        Handed to him? HELL NO. He still had to adjust his body in that split second, find space in the box vs the #1 keeper in the world.

        HAHAHAHAHAHAH DUDE. If there’s any sucking to be done (interpret that however which way you’d like ;) ), you can be 100% sure that ronalda isn’t too far away. HAHAHAH lol.

      • And hahahah ronalda tries SO HARD, SO HARD to get all these individual awards. Iniesta, Xavi, Messi are like “meh”, we’re dominating club football which matters most =)

        And they still destroy ronalda in everything hahahahaha. Who’s Europe’s most prized asset?? INIESTA.

        Who’s the 3 time ballon d’or?? MESSI.

        Even if ronalda wins this one, which he will if a prerequisite for being a Fifa captain/coach is being a ronalda fan girl, then it’s good. Messi can then take a break from receiving so many bj’s from ronalda.


      • “You are witnessing most possibly the best footballer ever, at the peak of his powers”.

        – Commentator

        [After Messi's ridiculous freekick gol against the #1 goal keeper in the world a wall consisting of only 6 foot plus players, well more considered how high they jumped and tried to block it lol!!!]

        I encourage you to look at ronalda’s scared face as he tried so hard to block that ball. He saw the ballon d’or fly right over his head and into DA BACK OF DA NET!!! WHATCHYA GONNA DOOOOOOOOOOO?!?!?!?!?!

    • Your an idiot, these facts are all biased with no merit, worst summary I have seen about the Clásico again bro you an idiot.

      • Yo Michel…you want stats bro? You craving for some unbiased sexy facts?? Well here you go son. Messi > ronalda, and it’s not even close hahahah


        Ahead of this weekend’s decisive Clásico, we compare Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, the only two players in the history of the Spanish top flight to have scored 41 goals in a single campaign.

        The Argentine forward appears to be ahead of his Portuguese counterpart in almost all relevant categories, such as minutes per goal, shooting accuracy, chance conversion, touches per game, assists, key passes, pass completion or dribble success.”

        My fav stat was dribble completion. You can’t say “OH! That’s based on barca’s style being better than real madrid’s”.

        Messi’s dribbling is godlike.

        ronaldas? ineffective, childlike petulance and waste of time.

      • “The Murionho and Cr7 supporters are now adopting a new strategy to blunt messi; if you can’t beat him join him. Quite literally, they are now claiming that CR7 and Messi are equals as a way quelling the debate. No they are not equals. Messi is the better player. CR7 may score as many goals as messi, but that’s where the similarity ends. Messi’s play making, dribbling runs and field vision are legendary and it keeps him apart from the likes of CR7 and Falcao.”

        – Some Spanish Journalist

      • “all ronaldo did was score a near post shot valdes should have saved, and score a one on one. messi was involved in build up, he was playing through balls, and he gave barca the lead with a free kick that he won, all by himself’”

        “if barca hadnt started using midfielders in defence he’d still be on 1 clasico goal. His goals were shit and emile heskey would have taken those chances. 4th ballon d’or coming up whilst Ronaldo will be forced to stand empty handed like a twat again”

        “Messi by far the king. I’ll tell you why there’s so much contraversy between Messi and Ronaldo: Journalists need a livelihood.”

  5. “Messi has never scored for Barcelona in the following minutes: 1, 2, 10, 14, 15, 46, 61, and 69″.


  6. I have Shaw cable so I can’t watch Spanish soccer any more.

    • Spanish, Italian (with English commentary), French and the English Championship are not broadcast in Canada at the moment as far as I know, so it doesn’t matter which cable company you use.

      I like it when a company buys the rights to show certain games in Canada then proceeds to not show them. I know it is probably a bit more complicated than that but the EPL and Bundesliga are not the only two leagues people in Canada watch.

      I know it is stating the obvious, but it is frustrating not being able to see two of the top teams in the world play each other.

  7. “ronaldo had alot more shots than messi and scored 13 less  how is ronaldo a better scorer hahaha ronaldo had more taps in last season as well and 2 more penalties than messi so in other words what u said is a bull poop this is why i hate ronaldo fans they just talk shit no actual stats just make up stuff”

  8. “Messi Vs Gaynaldo. Messi : 1.A better team player. 2.Better midfielder. 3.Better defender. 4.Better right winger. 5.Better attacking midfielder. 6.Better forward. 7.better dribbler. 8.better vision. 9.better captain. 10.better sportsman. 11.faster with the ball at his feet. 12.better free-kick taker(as per ratio). Gaynaldo : 1.has more power in his shots. 2.faster without the ball. 3.better hair..with lots of gel.”

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