So before we get into one of the most bizarre and interesting blog posts I’ve read in years, some caveats. First, the allegations against former Sports Illustrated writer Jen Chang are a) unproven, and so I urge you to take this with caution. Second, I strongly disagree with the decision to reprint verbatim email correspondence. I realize it provides better proof than the hearsay conversations, but it’s still not cool.

That said…holy shit. Some background: @duncanjenkinsfc was the fakiest fake Twitter journalist of them all. He threw around transfer rumours with gusto, purported to love false 9s, was generally funny if that was your bag (it wasn’t for me, really).

So I’ll just give you the TL;DR, and then you should go read the whole thing with caveats in mind. Basically the persona (still unidentified) behind the fake twitter account was allegedly confronted by Chang and accused of having a “mole” within the club. When the person behind the Duncan account refused to confess, Chang allegedly resorted to some fairly nasty intimidation.

Again, take this with whatever grains of salt you like. But you need to read it…