The Lead

Amid all the international news this weekend, this one came like a shot in the dark:

The [Independent Police Complaints Commission] is to launch a major, wide-ranging investigation into allegations of misconduct by South Yorkshire police, West Midlands police and others arising from the Hillsborough independent panel report published last month.

The director of public prosecutions (DPP), Kier Starmer, has also announced that he will immediately review all the evidence in the 395-page report to decide whether new charges of manslaughter can be brought.

“I have now concluded that the Crown Prosecution Service should consider all the material now available in relation to the tragic events of 15 April 1989, including material made available by the independent panel,” Starmer said.

It serves to remember that despite recent revelations, including those in the Hillsborough Independent Panel report which led to today’s headline, the calls from grieving family members over the last two decades weren’t “Independent Inquiries for the 96!” This announcement is the closest aggrieved Liverpool supporters have come to justice being served for the negligence that led to the crush at Leppings Lane.

And lest the reader get their back up over the LFC ‘cult’ surrounding the FA Cup semi-final in 1989, it cannot be said enough: this must be treated like a disaster waiting to happen, a disaster that could have taken the lives of any and all fans of club football in England. It just happened to be Liverpool that day. This is not about one club, but about closing the chapter on a sad era in English football.


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