Mid afternoon survey of the soccer news.

There are several international games today, and some of them have major consequences. It’s hard for me to ignore the one that will determine my mood for the next 24 months, so I will start there.


As there is little else left to say, the blogs up right now have a last rites feel to them. Daniel Squizzato nails the zeitgeist:

Our role, right now, is not to pretend that we can predict what is going to happen down in San Pedro Sula. No matter what anyone says or does, there are three possible outcomes to this game, any of which could realistically take place.

Our role is to hold our breath, bite our nails and stare at a screen for 90 minutes of the most excruciating sporting event most of us have ever witnessed.

And then, when it’s all over, to come back to this site, to the other CanSoc sites, to the online discussions, to the pub discussions, and to bandy around our answers to the question “Can you believe that happened?”

This day is all we would have wanted, and all that we would have feared.

The only positive I can see out of a loss other than that crushing feeling of familiarity is the fact that a) Jonathan De Guzman will never play for Canada and b) all eyes will focus on reforming the national program. The former is a dead certainty; the latter is a pipe dream, but there are plans afoot at the CSA to cement recent progress over the long term, so stay tuned.

On that whole annoying De Guzman drama, Ben Massey should have the final word:

Maybe you want to do whatever it takes to win. But if you have no loyalty to the players or to the integrity of the colours, then why the hell are you cheering for Canada in the first place? If all you want is the thrill of victory no matter what the cost then go cheer for Spain because you’re missing the point completely. Jonathan de Guzman refused to be Canadian when times were tough and we needed him most. If he wants to wear the Maple Leaf now that we may return to our rightful place in the soccer world then he can fuck right off.

In other stuff, Zbigniew Boniek claims his grandson moves better than Andy Carroll, which considering the pedigree isn’t as wild and crazy as some are making it out to be.

And Joey Barton finally decided to be Joey Barton over at Marseille. Something involving tackling like a maniac.

In club news, Jim Edwards claims Don Garber wants to “kill” the New York Red Bulls, which may be a slight exaggeration.

And did I mention Canada has to win or draw to get through to the Hex in less than two hours?