1. Worst throw-in of the day year

I have no idea  what was going through Alexander Tettey’s mind when he decided to throw — I use the term loosely — this ball in. Was it a self pass gone awry? An act of goodwill to lift the spirits of his former boss, Paul Lambert? If only we knew. I’ve sent this clip to doctors in Geneva for full analysis. One day we’ll know the reasons behind Alexander’s madness. God speed.

2. Stat of the day

It was already official – the trophy case at Etihad tells us it is – but City joined the ranks of the other big clubs with Carlos Tevez’s goal today. Yes, Roberto Mancini’s woes in Europe cannot be overlooked and he reverted back to his famed three at the back formation — not quite sure what position Kolo Toure was playing — but City’s rapid rise to the ranks of the elite is officially official. The top teams don’t concede points at home.

3. Rant of the day

The Guardian has the story:

David Moyes has launched a scathing attack on Luis Suárez and placed the Liverpool striker among a select band of players he fears will drive fans away from the game by “conning their way to results”.

Gamesmanship ahead of the Merseyside derby is nothing new, but Moyes is still seething after Jack Rodwell was sent off last season after a patented Suárez dive. Moyes fears he’ll do it again tomorrow, but should he? In recent weeks the Uruguayan has not been given the benefit of the doubt. In fact Suárez’s reputation for theatrics is so well known — so  prevalent — that actual fouls on the striker are going unpunished. When reminded of his acquisition of Andrew Johnson — a player also known for going to ground far too easily — Moyes claimed it was unjustified: . “Andy often got clipped because he got to the ball really quickly.” If there’s anything that bothers me more than diving it’s hypocrisy. Yes, referee’s have a difficult task in assessing what constitutes a foul and what isn’t, but that is why they have the job they do. When Kevin Mirallas takes a tumble tomorrow morning will Moyes stand and shout in disapproval? You know the answer.

4. Historic moment of the day

Kilmarnock won at Celtic Park for the first time since 1955. After a crushing mid-week defeat, Celtic’s hearts — that doesn’t sound right — were absent on this day. While the home fans left for the exits early, the small group of Killie supporters erupted in celebration. Neil Lennon will feel his side was unlucky — the possession battle was handily won by Celtic (59%) — but this is why the games are played (cliche, of course). Today Celtic was Barcelona. Sort of.

5. Prediction(s) of the day

A big day of footy awaits. The Merseyside derby, Manchester United – Chelsea and the Superclásico headline tomorrow’s action. I have Everton prevailing at home — 2-1 –, Chelsea defeating United and quieting the remaining skeptics and Boca Juniors coming through with a victory. Leave your predictions in the comment section below and we will see you tomorrow.