See article-nullifying update below

Well, as the Footy Blog inches its way to the digital side of the company ledger, we can begin our soccer media criticism in earnest (with a 10% bias in favour of Rogers Sportsnet, of course).

It’s been asked on the blog: What does the NBC Universal Premier League deal, which as Richard Deitsch writes, “was $250 million for a three-year agreement, a sum more than triple the $23 million per year that Fox currently pays for its deal” and kicks in for the 2013-2014 season, mean for the Premier League’s Canadian TV deal?

I don’t know really. Researching for this piece gave me a massive headache as interest in this subject seems limited to close loop forums entirely for the case of speculation. So all I can do is summarize current speculation.

Anyway, the current Canadian deal with Rogers and TSN goes through to the end of this season as well. The current thinking is that Rogers will obviously want back in the game, and their main rivals will be beIN Sport (and maybe TSN for the whole enchilada, I don’t know).

Now beIN Sports’ only route to Canadian TV apparently was via TeleLatino’s Euro World Sport. They can’t buy GolTV because Rogers won’t be willing to sell their stake, so EWS is the obvious partner. And some paywalled article has seemingly confirmed it. If they were to get the station, one thinks their unlimited capital would put pressure on Sportsnet as the deal frontrunners.

But apparently the deal for a sale is on hold while the CRTC dogs out some stuff which I’m not privy to, which is itself a rumour. And the deal is apparently overdue, so we should know fairly imminently. So in other words…patience.

UPDATE: Well, you don’t need patience after all:

Yay I guess! It’s shared 50/50 between Rogers and TSN, as Luke Wileman just informed me.