You’ll recall allegations from the user behind the fake Duncan Jenkins twitter account that LFC’s director of communications threatened him with intimidation. The latest update from the intrepid Sporting Intelligence:

Sportingintelligence has established beyond doubt that the meeting took place; that all the tweets and emails within the blog are genuine; and that Liverpool have seen evidence of the above.

Ayre met Cummins in person in Liverpool last week to hear Cummins’ side of the story. Ayre held a second meeting with Cummins in Liverpool today, when he handed over a letter of apology.

Ayre writes in the letter: “Based on everything I have heard and seen, including information provided by the parties involved in the matter, I acknowledge some of the elements you highlight were not appropriate …

“I would therefore like to apologise to you on behalf of Liverpool FC, for any upset and distress this caused you.

“Clearly it is not appropriate for me to comment on how the club is managing this internally, and I trust you understand this.”
Liverpool have declined to comment on what disciplinary action, if any, Chang might now face.

What remains to be seen is whether any of those numerous Liverpool FC fans who castigated Jenkins on his blog (and our own) as a liar and untrustworthy just because will see fit to apologize. This is me not bothering to hold my breath.