You’ll recall allegations from the user behind the fake Duncan Jenkins twitter account that LFC’s director of communications threatened him with intimidation. The latest update from the intrepid Sporting Intelligence:

Sportingintelligence has established beyond doubt that the meeting took place; that all the tweets and emails within the blog are genuine; and that Liverpool have seen evidence of the above.

Ayre met Cummins in person in Liverpool last week to hear Cummins’ side of the story. Ayre held a second meeting with Cummins in Liverpool today, when he handed over a letter of apology.

Ayre writes in the letter: “Based on everything I have heard and seen, including information provided by the parties involved in the matter, I acknowledge some of the elements you highlight were not appropriate …

“I would therefore like to apologise to you on behalf of Liverpool FC, for any upset and distress this caused you.

“Clearly it is not appropriate for me to comment on how the club is managing this internally, and I trust you understand this.”
Liverpool have declined to comment on what disciplinary action, if any, Chang might now face.

What remains to be seen is whether any of those numerous Liverpool FC fans who castigated Jenkins on his blog (and our own) as a liar and untrustworthy just because will see fit to apologize. This is me not bothering to hold my breath.

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  1. Apologize for what? That Chang met and exchanged communications with Cummins has never been in question. It’s all the black helicopter nonsense Cummins wrote about which has a lot of supporters, me included, that suggests he’s a bit of a drama queen. Chang now stands to lose his job – one which he’s been otherwise exemplary at – because Cummins relished stirring up trouble and someone, perhaps mistakenly, opted to confront him about it.

    Cummins might be a nice guy but he clearly isn’t honorable. Spare us the righteous indignation.

  2. It’s sad how predictable comments from Liverpool fans have become. It’s Cummins fault for being a drama queen? The communications director of a major club threatens a fan in a restaurant as part of a dellustionary investigation and it’s Cummins’ fault for being a drama queen?

    • Hey now… We’re not all Aarons.

    • And it’s even more remarkable how some people think they know the entire story based on a single blog post and shameless bias against a club to the point that they accept heresay as proof. It was Cummins’ decision to publish his story despite the club reaching out to him about a month earlier to retract the threat of rescinding his season ticket. This was confirmed by Andy Heaton for The Anfield Wrap. This wasn’t good enough for Cummins, who demanded a public apology, which the club was obviously opposed to, so he went public to force their hand. Chang might have erred, but Cummins put his pride above the good of the club. He’s a dishonorable and untrustworthy opportunist, evidenced by his duplicitous behavior as an ITKer and further by a cowardly campaign to smear the reputation of the club.

      • The good of the club?! A staunch Red should have keep quiet about a member of the LFC Communications Dir. going so far out of his way to intimidate and belittle a fan, without the clubs knowledge all the while claiming the backing of the club?

        Come on dude.

  3. Without question, Chang needs to be sacked over this. He behaved inappropriately for a person in his position, threatening a fan that.

    That’s the kind of antics and intimidation you’d expect from the KHL, not from one of the most historic clubs in Europe.

    • And he probably will be, but that doesn’t make Cummims some sort of innocent victim. He’s got an angle he’s playing in all this, too.

  4. This is my face growing bright red while I wait for a Chang apology.

  5. Amazing how some people (fans) are so good at spotting the “shameless bias” of others while being completely oblivious to their own.

    The man made some posts on a fucking fake twitter account. Mostly about stuff that had already been “reported” on elsewhere multiple times. The way Chang dealt with the situation (which has now been all but admitted by the club) was completely ridiculous and I think the least Cummings deserves is a public apology. I’m not surprised that he found liverpool’s offer to annull their punishment unsatisfactory, considering that he essentially did nothing wrong.

  6. Can’t wait for the Being Liverpool episode about this incident

  7. Glad they apologised, as this story made me (and continues to make me) uncomfortable.

    Like the Evra accusations against Suarez, this kind of story is one that makes me hope it’s untrue, because what do I do if it is true? It’s hard to reconcile love and support for something while that something does something morally rather iffy. Do you ignore it? Do you turn away from the club you love, or the player you idolize? Do you blindly support the club/player, knowing that you may be wrong? etc.

    It’s a hard thing to do, and it would be really nice if none of us ever had to worry about it, if all football players and teams were open to criticism only for sporting/business reasons, and not ethics.

    Basically what I’m saying is twofold:
    -To fellow Liverpool fans; question the actions of Chang and the club leadership while continuing to support the overall entity that is Liverpool FC.
    -To opposing fans; I hope you don’t ever have to deal with this, but remember that your club is not perfect either, it just isn’t public yet*

    *unless you’re a Chelsea fan, in which case it clearly is public.

  8. As a red changs action is embarrassing but Cummings seems to be a bit shady– why would u make a fake twitter account? Then why would he keep dragging the club he supports into this turmoil? I’d just ask for a free season ticket to avoid all this! But it will give the lfc haters more ammunition…

  9. There was little doubt in my mind that this gist of the affair was true – the threatening from being banned from Anfield, at least – when I read that blog post. Kind of sad that I found so likely, actually. But it’s hard to have the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Liverpool’s PR team.

    I’m just waiting for the day when more than just a handful of LFC fans realize that supporting the club means, above all, supporting its history, the fans, the players and not necessarily the directors and hired personnel who are liable to make a giant, shitty mess of things. As they’ve especially proven in the last year. This is also me not bothering to hold my breath.

  10. Whittal, that is really grating. I realize yours is an opinion blog and not “journalism” but the last sentence takes a full shot at Liverpool fans in a generalizing manner. Your underlying tone of righteousness and moral authority juxtaposes nicely for a guy who frequents a podcast where the word “twat” is used in every second sentence. Women everywhere must love that.

    Glass houses and stones for everyone, LFC supporters included!

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