After leading the Impact to a 12-16-6 record in their inaugural season, Marsch departs in a move that has shocked Impact supporters.

The scuttlebutt amongst those in the know suggests the news out of Montreal this morning isn’t surprising, though many laud the job Marsch — who made the effort to learn French — did. Is Joey Saptuo out to Europeanify (Italianize) — making up words is fun –  his outfit? Today’s announcement suggests that may be the case.

Owner Joey Saputo:

“It is important to clarify that this is not a dismissal or a resignation, but rather an amicable parting of ways,” said Impact president Joey Saputo. “Although the decision was a tough one to make, it was made mutually for the benefit of the club. While we had the same long-term objectives for this team, we realized over the past few weeks that we did not share the same philosophy as how to get there. Jesse always had the club at heart and he did his very best to succeed.”

One wonders when those ‘long-term’ objectives will be presented to the club’s supporters.

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  1. dumb. let’s watch the FO turn this into a TFC-style circus.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, SCOOP. TFC has shown why stability is essential. Nobody can dispute Joey Saputo’s commitment to the cause, but nobody will ever call him patient, either.

    Best of luck to Jesse Marsch.


  3. Marsch was a plugger his whole career, lots of heart, minimal talent. so I can see there would a problem with an influx of talented players and an owner who pays their salaries wanting to play a more euro style than the usual pingpong MLS style.

    Marsch did better than most thought he would. After all he had ZERO coaching experience and I have a feeling that he was ‘suggested’ by the league to the Mtl team which is why his 3 month stint being on the staff of his mentor/lover? Bob Bradley was pushed as some kind of achievement. His hiring never made any sense.

    That Bradely relationship probably gave him a leg up to this job (adding a 7th assistant a few weeks before the WC is not a difference maker but it made Marsch CV look less bare) just like Bradley did 5-6 other times in Marsch career. From coaching him in college, to drafting him, to trading for him 2-3 times to giving him one international cap at the end of his career..

    as for daddy’s dumb son (dad was smart, kept him out of the family bizness and gave him a toy to play with), its his money so he can do what he wants but Marc Dos Santos wasnt considered to be worthy of the MLS yet after leaving Mtl he went to some 2nd division team in Brazil and then went on to head the academy at some Brazil club (the one where Scolari was coaching) so its not like this isnt a bit hit or miss.

    problem is you can blame the coaches all you want after a certain time you have to look at your TD, De Santis too. Probably little chance of that happening.

    but hey, theyve been doing this for 20yrs now so I wouldnt compare them to the mess that is KFC where by the end of next year you’ll have to pay people to come to games.

    maybe, just maybe this annoying love of british soccer is at the heart of the KFC problems. Big Mo was a total failure and Mariner inspires no one.
    Its a country that still lives on glories from a century ago but whose coaching and youth programs are seriously behind most footballing nations.
    how about the next TD isnt british? it couldnt hurt.

  4. It had only been 5 minutes since Saputo’s last managerial firing. Good to see he’s not losing his touch

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