1. Performance of the day

Roberto Martinez’s side put in a fantastic effort at White Hart Lane, taking three crucial away points while playing a complete brand of football that left Spurs searching for answers that never came. After three clear cut chances in the first half,  Ben Watson’s goal in the 56th minute — the first goal by an Englishman for Wigan this season — was the deciding tally, and although Spurs managed a spirited charge in search of an equalizer the visitors remained organized. Arouna Koné was superb holding the attacking line by himself. The introduction of Jordi Gómez in the 70th minute was a piece of tactical genius from Martinez, as the Spaniard linked well with Koné on the break and prohibited Tottenham from allotting all of their resources in attack. With the win Wigan move to 12th in the table. Defensively, The Latics rendered Jermain Defoe and the Spurs offense impotent, which brings me to…

2. Rant of the day

Once again Andre Villas-Boas’ collar tightens. Fans at White Heart Lane vigorously booed their manager’s decision to replace Defoe with Adebayor rather than employ two strikers at the top. It was a nonsensical reaction. Defoe was largely ineffective, Dempsey isolated and Sigurdsson non-existent. Adebayor’s introduction opened play up, and if not for some stellar defending on Wigan’s part the substitution would’ve been applauded. AVB will absorb the brunt of the blame for today’s loss, but what is he supposed to do when Dempsey, Lennon, Bale and Huddlestone put in lacklustre performances? At some point responsibility must be taken by the players. Which team is worse off — Tottenham or Arsenal? North London will not be a fun place to be this week.

3. Shirt exchange of the day

So many questions. Did Santos ask for the shirt or did RVP realize his former teammate needed a towel, and kindly offered up his shirt as a makeshift handkerchief. It appears Santos blows some sort of projectile into the shirt shortly after it was given to him. Whatever the case, this was by far the strangest thing I saw today. If anyone has inside information — no, Arsenal didn’t take the shirt so they could sell it for profit later — please let us know. This will keep me up at night.

4. Tweet of the day

5. Photo of the day

6. Red card of the day

Yea. That's a red card Zlatan.

Ibra’s 70th minute red card capped a terrible day for PSG at home. Mamadou Sakho’s own goal in the 55th minute put St Etienne ahead 1-0. Shortly after Ibra’s red, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang made it 2-0. The Parisians got a goal back near the death, but it was for naught. A dispiriting loss and the reddest of cards. Tough day at the office for Carlo’s men.

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  1. #2. Agree that players need to be held accountable.. but I just heard today that AVB apparently confirmed Friedel would get every EPL start and that Lloris gets Europa?? To me, this makes zero sense. Sure, Friedel has put in some great performances, but Lloris starting EPL games would give them a better chance of finishing top 4 and appearing in the CL next season. He should switch their duties around if you ask me.

    #3. Given that Santos didn’t even look the least bit surprised when RvP handed the jersey to him, I’m going to assume that he asked for it. Regardless, I laughed. It helped me momentarily forget how poor the first half was. In the end I can’t complain though, as the Red Devils are back at the top of the table!

    Cheers, always enjoy reading the posts you guys have on this blog!

  2. It’s White “Hart” lane.

  3. Part of the fustration as a Spurs fan is that we have not adequately replaced Van der Vaart’s and Modric’s creativity in the middle of the field. Yes, they left for two different reasons and both transfers were inevitable, but their replacements have been poor. Dempsey has been mediocre, Dembele has been too injured and Siggurdsson is crap. In fact, the Spurs’ most creative player was arguably Vertonghen, and he’s stuck playing LB because of injuries.

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