Those mammoth stadiums constructed for the 2002 World Cup have been forgotten by most football enthusiasts around the world. Hell, sometimes it felt like Koreans forgot about them as well.

Two years ago I saw FC Seoul play Daegu on ‘free hotdog + beer + foreigner day’ — not the catchiest of slogans. Thanks to the promotion Seoul World Cup Stadium was pretty full. Well, full for a league game. 18,000 people in a 68,000 seat stadium was considered a good night by the club back then. Dejan Damjanović — the Montenegrin Xavi (entirely made up) — scored two amazing goals en route to a 4-0 win for the home side. I was hooked.

Today Seoul ended a seven match losing streak to mega-rivals Suwon — they drew 1-1 — and are on their way to a fifth league championship. SWCS was rocking and yes, a tear was shed.

h/t to r/soccer’s ohhii for the video