Kiss that wrist.

I wouldn’t blame Brendan Rodgers if he blasted Morrissey on the way home after this one. This joke isn’t funny anymore, but Rodgers will find solace in another strong performance from his side.

The kids are alright. Raheem Sterling and Suso continue to play above their weight, creating width with pace and touch to match. Liverpool were the better side in the opening half, but Yohan Cabaye’s wonderfully taken strike in the 43rd minute was the lone marker when half-time arrived. Yea, it was a pretty goal, but Bradley Jones sort of dived out of the way for some reason. Not the definition of text book keeping.

It would take a piece of brilliance from Luis Suarez in the 67th minute to get things level. When he’s not being a menace to society Luis is scary good.

Tired of being badly beaten by Suarez, Fabricio Coloccini proceeded to lose his mind shortly after the Suarez goal. One rash challenge was bad enough, but Coloccini stepped up his game in the 84th minute, stomping on the Uruguayan and drawing a red card from Anthony Taylor. Moments prior Jonjo Shelvey had the game on his foot after another incredible Suarez run. Let’s just say he didn’t score. The less said about that attempt the better.

Sidenote: After railing on the merits — or lack there of – of the long ball, Stevie G must’ve been upset. Liverpool managed their breakthrough thanks to a long ball to Suarez. So conflicted.

Liverpool has won just twice in their last ten league games. After controlling the match for large stretches they leave today’s game with just one point. While things seem dire — do they really? — Rodgers plan is coming into place. The reds are on the road to contention. One Suarez masterpiece at a time.

Sales of Travis’ seminal classic “Why does it always rain on me” tripled shortly after the game.