James Sharman, Kristian Jack, Richard Whittall and pod newcomer Devang Desai talk about Arsenal’s implosion, Fellaini’s genius, and Spurs’ woes in our weekly Premier League pod wrap.

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  1. I agree with a lot of the Arsenal talk, I think that it is a combination of factors mentioned. He has stopped finding the young talent. Scouts Lille and comes away with Gervinho instead of Hazard. He has sold big name players and not replaced them with big name players, and he has been tactically outmatched this season. I think that he is tired, but is too proud to admit it.

    Personally with all of the Pep wants to be in London talk, if I were on the Gunners board I would be trying to get Pep to take over next season.

  2. ahhhhh the lads took my advice and got Devang on!

  3. Time to start rooting for Palace… would love to see Holloway back in the Premier League. Although in January, another team will probably nab Zaha!

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