An Arsenal supporter gives up

I went in for a root canal two years ago. That was better.

I earned a 42% in high school math while wearing a shirt that had the number 42 on it. That was better.

I had a relationship end on the TTC in front of a drunken man who had urinated himself. That was better.

There are moments when you consider how frivolous professional sport is. I’ve done myself no favors, cheering for a group of shit bags that constantly manage to disappoint me in spectacular ways. This was one of those days when it hit once again. It’s not worth it.

It was a game worth watching, especially considering the relatively dour fixtures elsewhere. For the neutrals, Fulham’s comeback spirit will be lauded. As it should be. Facing a two goal deficit thanks to goals from Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski, the Cottagers were about to lose another London Derby. Ian Darke broke out his bullshit machine, uttering ‘what a difference a week makes’ just before Dimitar Berbatov got one back for the visitors. Berbatov’s excellent ball in led to Fulham’s equalizer, Alexander Kacaniklic the recipient.

At the half my spirits were low. Another weak defensive display — this time at home — from the Gunners. We’d be lucky to escape with three points. It got worse.

Mikel Arteta dragged Bryan Ruiz down in the penalty area. By ‘dragged down’ I mean slightly tugged. I can’t fault Phil Dowd for the decision, when looking at it without the benefit of replay Ruiz sold it well. Berbatov made it 3-2 on the ensuing kick. On a side note, Berbs looked positively giddy today. For the trials and tribulations we endure as fans it’s worth considering what this is: a game. Dimitar was having fun out there. I could learn something from him.

Giroud notched his second of the game, once again connecting on a ball from Theo Walcott — who was terrific. Sanity saved. 3-3 and feeling fine. Surely there’s another goal to be had.

Arsene Wenger substituted Andrei Arshavin for Walcott nine minutes later. Though Arshavin has been relegated to irrelevancy, he’s good for at least one excellent through ball a game. Remember Sunderland-Arsenal last year? Thierry Henry’s last gasp goal that stole a victory for Arsenal was made possible by an excellent Arshavin cross.

He did it again, this time hammering the ball into Chris Baird’s arm — harsh decision, but Phil Dowd is an idiot so it’s okay. Mikel Arteta stepped up to take the penalty. And he missed. Of course he did. He had converted 12 of 15 penalties for Everton, but this was his first attempt for Arsenal. Good things don’t happen when there’s a narrative to build.

With 16 points from 11 games this is Arsenal’s worst start in the ‘Premier League era.’ Fulham continue to play a brand of exciting football that should be cherished by footy fans across the world — hyperbole, yea I know.

What I will take away from this game is a reassuring fact I learned long ago. Fandom is going to kill me.

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  1. Nice writing… it’s sad for arsenal fans and this squad is by far the worst of the Wenger era

  2. What the hell happened to Arteta today?

  3. It is not that bad.We looked better than at Old Trafford.
    But the cstly mis passes at mid field still exist..
    All the blame should go to AW.
    CAZORLA should be the first choice to take the penalty.Secod choice GIROUD..
    We over estimate certain players…
    TV partening with KOS at centre and JACK, CAZORLA,ARTETA in the middle and GIROUD for scoring…
    Some week links like RAMSEY….. who unnecessarily gives out possession and MERTSACKER who panickily clears the ball is to be dealt with.

  4. I totally agree, fandom is going to kill me

  5. really?do us a favor and give up for good man!lby the way your writing is below par so give it too

  6. The problem is the manager, not arteta, look at our bench, now if walcot leaves, who are u going to replace him with?? where is this manager taking the team? Arteta was completly tired, he was the only one in the mid field,,, if wenger was the manager of WIGAN, QPR, READING, he could not even manage to get a draw, he has sold all the best players, and still giving lame excuses, Ramsey shouldnt be in arsenal squad, ARshavin is far better….

    • Ramsey is a waste. It totally depends which Arshavin shows up whether he is better or not. Arteta missing was karma as it was an extremely harsh penalty call as all the defender was doing was trying to put his arm behind him. He didn’t thrust his elbow out as Dowd try to show. And I am an Arsenal fan.

      As for the manager. He won’t adapt his tactics. Never has but back in the day he didn’t have to as he had the team and the depth to fit them. You fit the tactics to the team not vice versa.

  7. It was actually a side footer first time, not a header…god that was a good day

  8. Guys I love Arsenal and i will till I die. But before I die of a broken heart and stress, let me just say this. Before Arsene Wenger there was Arsenal. Before Kroenke, Gazidiz, Hillwood, there was Arsenal. This team is legendary and it is us the supporters and some fantastic managers and players that made it legendary. I have decided that i will not watch another game as long as the board, Wenger and the AKB’s Are f&^king up our club. Yes you heard right, all those Arsene Knows Best brigadiers. Just tell us what does he know. Does he know how to motivate his players? Does he know how to select the best team for the job? Does he know how to get his players fit since they cannot keep a decent pace for 90 minutes? Does how know how to outsmart the opposition manager? Please AKB’s tell us for the past seven years what is it that Wenger knows? Arsene Wenger had a three year plan what happened to that? AKB’s come on here week after week defending Wenger. OH it is not Wenger’s fault it is the players fault. Tell us who manages those players? Who should make sure he has the right players for the JOB? The same AKB’s come here lambasting Wenger for his stubbornness and suggesting wich formations to use wich players to select, wich we all know by now will only happen in LALA LAND. Yes AKB’s you are just as much to blame as The board because you support Wenger with the same ideology as the board. The same ideology that was concocted by the board and given to Wenger to turn you into mindless zombies!
    Hypnotized by ARSENE KNOWS BEST. IN ARSENE WE TRUST. I am sure the man doesn’t even trust himself. He must be asking himself after every draw how did i get away with that point? I am tired But i am not dead.I am said for ARSENAL FC MY BELOVED TEAM. but at the same time I am glad that more and more AKB’s are waking up don’t think we havent being following your comments!!!!

  9. Arsenal is really fucked up!

  10. Vinod- You obviously lack football intelligence. Mertesacker has been our best defender this year. FACT. Playing Kos and Vermaelen at the heart of our Defence won’t work. They are too like for like. With Mertesacker we are more organized.

    Dboy- I hear it time and time again that Wenger should go. Yet when I ask this question nobody ever responds with a valuable solution. Who would we replace Wenger with? WHO is AVAILABLE. I don’t want to hear nonsense like Mourinho, Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp. If Wenger walked away right now, who would come in right now and do the job?

  11. People need to relax. Wait at least a day to let the emotions cool down before making such rants.

    Fulham are a very good side, IMO they will finish top 6.
    We had a TOUGH away UCL game in germany

    We have a long injury list. Gibbs, Szeszesny, Diaby, Gervinho, Ox, Wilshere (just coming back now)

    We lost because of some weak keeping by Mannone and a defensive error.
    Arteta had a rare off day

    On the bright side… Giroud looks like the real deal. He’s proven now that he is going to score a fair share. I think there is proven quality in the squad, and with some players back fit, maye a January signing, and more time to gel, the team will be fine.

    • Can’t use injuries and champions league as an excuse though, not for a big club anyways.
      And actually, Fulham do not have a very good record away from home. This is a match that Arsenal should be winning if they want to finish top four. Right now, they are far away from being a top four side.

    • @ Kris Torres, dude! When is Gibbs or Diaby not injured? Ask me, only person to blame for the fact that arsenal’s defense is so fragile it’s Wenger. The only man to blame, gibbs has proven the last couple seasons he’s not a 30 game plus a season left back, barely even 20 games a season, the guy has a lot of potential to surpass the likes of clichy but cannot stay fit for the life of him. The fact that you’re even bringing his name up alongside the likes of useless Gervinho proves how thin this squad truly is. Defensive fragility, chinadoll players, and Wenger’s complete lack of defensive tactical knowledge have been overarching themes of this club’s historical narrative for the last several years! And it continues to happen EVERY SEASON! Fulham have an appalling record away from home at Arsenal, they scored three soft goals…how much longer are Arsenal fans going to keep on putting up with the shit that is Andre Santos at left back. Kris Torres makes a great point though, who the hell would replaced Wenger right now?! Just accept it Arsenal fans, this is going to be yet another mediocre season…
      well, there’s my angry rant that no one will read done with…

    • We ALWAYS have a long injury list it seems.

  12. why is arsenal a selling club? can someone tell me that? they’re one of the riches clubs in the world, have a full stadium every week and sell their best players….. why?

    • because the owners are selfish and money hungry. they sell van persie to manchester united instead of juventus because they want a profit. they have the money to pay van persie 250000 wages and decide to sell him instead. they are contended with champions league.
      they dont over sell so that they dont make champions league. they know that teams around them in the 4 to 6 spot are not as good. but this year, arsenal will not make it. a revolution.

  13. and by the way, walcott stinks too.. talk about overrated.. if you ask me, all english players are massively overrated…. the only good english player on earth is wayne rooney, the rest are all subpar.. and believe me, im not a wayne rooney fan, as a matter of fact, i effin hate man united..

  14. The demise of Arsenal FC. Arsenal have always lost big players but we usually cope. We manage to contend for top spot or at least 3rd place. our worst is 4th. but this year i dont know. we have lost TOO many players to cope. when we lost fabregas and nasri, it took the soul out of our team. our team with fabregas nasri and van persie a few years ago was a legitimate title contender. i remember us being top spot towards the end of the season but a few games where we should have won and errors at the back cost us. back then they used to say: arsenal is so good going forward, but at the back they need to sort crap out. that was it. fix the back side and your team will move forward to the next level. then we lost fabregas, and nasri. people said we were through. but what do you know, someone steps up. van persie. song all of a sudden learns to pass like xavi. then we lost both of them! IN THE ONE SEASON THEY ACTUALLY PLAYED WORLD CLASS. theres nothing left. we have always had both a 20 goal forward and a world class midfielder. right now there is nothing in that midfield besides cazorla. Arsene W keeps putting walcott on the right side even though hes top in goals. WTF!11. podolski is not a 20 goal forward. giroud needs time to gel. we are fucking done. we wont make champions league, mark my words. but thats a good thing. i think that champions league is a bad thing. missing out on it would be the best thing that has happened to arsenal in a while. those wankers at the top of the food chain in arsenal FC will be compelled to spend and stop being so damn republican with their spending. we are supposed to be the healthiest financially sound team in the uk. wtf do we not have sahin. why did we not play van persie world class wages that (he fucking deserves)? more importantly, why sell him to our fucking rivals for a profit?! rant closed.

  15. I haven’t watched the last few games; I’m kind of glad to. It’s too nerve-wracking and depressing. I had a feeling Arteta would miss today. Even when we get a little luck we can’t take advantage.

  16. Wow. Relax u guys.

    At least arsenal play sexy footba- oh wait. They don’t.

  17. Not only Fulham.Everton and West Brom are playing some of the best football and their league standing proves it. Arsenal at the moment are playing like mid-table teams. it won’t surprise me if we finish below the top 5 this season.

  18. i dont know if any of you have noticed, but arsenal aren’t in debt, unlike man city, chelsea, man u, real madrid, barcelona ,etc… Well actually just about every team in the world. Every year Wenger leads us to a top 4 finish while losing our best players. Now i’m not saying that i’m enjoying Arsenal’s recent performances, but year after year, consistently, we finish top 4. I think that if we keep up our losing ways then the board will have to rethink AW, or the owners will have to rethink the board, well something will have to change.

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