City keep pace with their cross town rivals, coming from behind thanks to a lovely Dzeko-Silva connection that will make the cynics swoon. Spurs leave Etihad with forlorn hearts, but they didn’t deserve three points on this day. The super substitute did it gain.

Mc 2_1 T by ourmatch

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  1. Dzeko has more or less singlehandedly kept City in the vicinity of the top of the League. Thanks largely to him, City is actually ahead on points from the corresponding fixtures last year and within two of the top.

    There have been fitness issues for Aguero and Silva, and neither have remotely offered what you’d expect. Crazy Balotelli has no goals domestically. Also have been injury issues for Garcia, who is integral to what Mancini wants to do in terms of getting Toure moved a bit forward. And the back line has had terrible lapses in match after match (despite Nastasic being a largely-unheralded bright spot.)

    I am bullish on City’s chances domestically. I think a big chunk of the roster has well underperformed and those things tend to even out. United is not going to maintain a 100 goal pace either.

    So to my fellow Citizens: the UCL is not going to happen this year. But it is anything other than the end of the world. Try to enjoy this. The domestic title is there for the taking and I think we are going to get it.

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