Of course it would be them. As soon as JT crumpled to ground the echo chamber that is social media exploded. Karma, schadenfreude –you name it. It was all there. Sadly getting off on injuries has become commonplace in this age. It looked bad, we’ve probably seen the last of John Terry in a Chelsea kit.

Chelsea’s captain opened the scoring in the 20th minute, escaping the clutches of Daniel Agger in the process. It was his 50th goal for the Blues. Probably his last as well. Insert dramatic pause here. Chelsea were the dominant side in the first 45. They should’ve been ahead by more than one goal when halftime struck.

Joe Allen had a howler. Oscar continues to shut down his opposing number. Liverpool’s core of youngsters are learning on the job — I thought Wisdom and Suso, who struggled after being inserted in the game as a sub, did well. Raheem Sterling was great once again, leading people to claim he’s England’s best player in forever. No pressure man.

Luis Suarez’s header in the 73rd minute was the product of an excellent touch from Jamie Carragher, the dad of the team. For all the criticism he receives–most of the time deserved, he’s a shadow of his former self– it was nice to see the old man contribute to the game in a positive way.

We draw two truths from a tie at Stamford Bridge. Luis Suarez needs help. He’s scored more goals away from home than any other player in the league (6), making a mockery of defending across the country. Problem is Suarez is drawing the attention he deserves. When this happens there is no outlet, no alternative. In his attempt to rewrite the wrongs of Dalglish-Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers will need another striker. Luis is alone in more ways than one.

The other is Chelsea’s need for a true number nine. Shitting on Fernando Torres is getting old, but his fall into irrelevancy is there for all to see. While I don’t enjoy listening to Niall Quinn, he had it right. Roman and the boys will have to get their bankbooks out in January. Are they willing to sell the farm for Falcao? They’ll need to if they want to keep pace with the behemoths from Manchester.

In the end we will talk about JT and Luis. Some things never change.