Marko Marin. Remember him? The fourth option Chelsea midfielder who at one time hoped to fill a spot that appears to have Victor Moses’ name on it? Anyway, he’s now the subject of a rumour which will see him go back Germany and join Borussia Moenchengladbach. Chelsea blogger Graham MacAree writes:

Marin was bought as insurance in case Chelsea failed to win last seasons’ Champions League and therefore failed to attract their major targets. Unfortunately, that means that he’s become something of a forgotten man in the current setup. I think, if he sticks around, he’ll have his uses, but he’s unlikely to get the sort of playing time he’d like at the club. If that means he has to move on and Chelsea take a slight loss on the deal, so be it.

I’m no soothsayer but it seems that Roberto Di Matteo might consider being a little more imaginative in his dealings over Marin, particularly considering his midfield may run into depth issues at the usual Premier League juncture (ie January). As for Marin’s supposedly poor form, there is scant evidence but presumably the manager knows what he’s doing, but is Frank Lampard a decent exit strategy should one of the usual cogs fail? Is sloughing off one of the more promising young players from last season really the best option?

In any case, Marin clearly arrived at Chelsea from Werder Bremen with some promise. That he’s now just a holdover from a bygone Champions League contingency plan reveals the attitude major clubs have in fostering young careers. Or maybe it’s all Marin’s fault for being injured on occasion.