James Sharman, Kristian Jack, Richard Whittall and Devang Desai enter theScore podcast studios together for one last time and discuss Man United’s thrilling 2-3 comeback against Aston Villa, Liverpool’s geek-friendly formation against Chelsea, and Arsenal’s capitulation against Fulham. Enjoy this momentous keepsake!

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  1. *weeps*

    Still so confused about how this Franken-Score operates these days.

  2. I hate hate hate Drogba however, you all need to look into the charity he runs and his reason for going for the huge Chinese pay cheque. He is actually doing a very noble thing and donating a large portion of his wages….more wages equal more money donated.

  3. I wonder why the web media assets weren’t bought by Rogers as well?

    • Dr. Bob, I think all the digital score stuff is a separate company that didn’t get bought out. Woulda made sense to buy both but maybe that’s too complicated.

  4. Sorry to see you guys go! Really enjoyed your podcast.

    Still don’t really understand what happened?

    • Rogers bought The Score TV channel and it’s talent. Rogers didn’t buy The Score Digital Media, which is a separate company, which is why they have to split up. Very sad. End of an era for sure.

  5. So the score blog is separate? How does that even work?

  6. I’ll miss the Sharman + Jack + Dobby + Dunlop + Whitall podcasts, that’s for damn sure.

  7. Sorry, that’s Whittall.

  8. Will there at least be one last podcast year end quiz? I’ve been waiting to see/hear Dobby try to get his revenge.

    Good luck to all, and I’ll be on the look out for the new gig.

  9. It has been great listening to you guys over the years, everyone that has been on the podcast has been great to listen to even Dunlop.

  10. haha i love the dunlop jab!!
    who is meshershmitz?a pop band?

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