Apparently Liverpool’s assistant manager Colin Pascoe has the reason:

‘When we got the corner Carragher wanted to get in the box, but everyone was telling him to get back and defend instead.

That’s one of reasons why most of the players choose to congratulate Carra on his fantastic assist, some even thought he was the one who scored. After the equalizer we only thought about one thing, and that was to try and get a second goal.’

So Carragher went back and the rest of the team followed to a) celebrate with him for being a rebel and b) get another goal ASAP. Which I’m willing to buy, although I can’t find a news source for the quote.

Anyway, still quite the image. And it still doesn’t reflect well on Luis, considering he took it all the credit for the goal when the rest of the team wanted to credit Carra. And he didn’t rush back to go get that equalizer. Tempest in a teapot perhaps.