The Lead

This is one of those extraordinary days when each broadsheet/tabloid has run with their own headline, and each are interesting indeed. The Guardian/Independent has gone with the Clattenburg story, as Scotland Yard dropped their investigation yesterday, which drew the ire of Society of Black Laywers head Peter Herbert:

Herbert said in a statement: “It would appear that there is a cosy little agreement between Chelsea FC and the FA not to report these matters to the Metropolitan Police but to have them dealt with solely by the FA.

“The FA have a dreadful record of indifference on hate crime generally; failing to challenge anti-Semitism at Tottenham Hotspur and at other grounds; eventually finding John Terry made a racist remark but remarkably found him not to be a “racist”; whilst the derisory penalty of a four- or eight-match ban [Luis Suárez] is believed to be a suitable punishment for what in any other industry would be summary dismissal for gross misconduct.”

I don’t know much about the SBL, but this is edging slightly into conspiratorial territory, and paints the alleged victims as Chelsea dupes. As far as the FA’s record though, to my mind Herbert is spot on.

The Telegraph meanwhile has gone with an exclusive, alleging that Tottenham Hotspur’s private investigator fraudulently obtained private phone records for West Ham’s director Karren Brady in their quest to secure the Olympic Stadium as a future home. Juicy, although kind of a dead end piece.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail have gone their separate way with a story on Joe Hart trying to hit a jumbotron like scoreboard like thingie in Sweden ahead of today’s friendly.

Not to be outdone, the Mirror features remarks from Zlatan Ibrahimovic telling Stevie G he should get the hell out of Merseyside.

Missing from all the papers is an unexpected good news story from Manchester United:

Wahey, I guess!


Steve Bottjer says Canadian MLS teams fail because they lack coaching stability.


In football, the hero and legend status is given out far too easily for me.” -Steven Gerrard on calling him a legend.

More bad news for Chelsea. The club and FA are accused of a cover-up involving Clattenburg.

Richard Williams says why the Premier League is bad for England.


Pogba happy with his performance but says he can do even better.

Italian coach wants to improve his country’s FIFA ranking with friendly today.

Prandelli says Balotelli can prove his worth against France.

La Liga

Real Madrid youth academy graduate, Esteban Granero, says the school prepared him for well for elite level.

Falcao happy at Atletico, but a future trade is still possible.

Fransesc Tomas argues that Neymar is Barcelona’s solution to their offensive needs.


Huntelaar to stay with Schalke for now.

In the absence of key players, Joachim Loew says this is the time for newcomers to sign.

Bundesliga Fanatic podcast discuss the significance of Germany’s friendly and teams that will surprise in the first Liga.

Bit and Bobs

Goalkeeper’s mistake costs him a goal. Watch the video.

Pele is stable after undergoing hip surgery.

Thanks to Alima Hotakie for compiling today’s links.