From ESPN:

FIFA says it will not add Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s astonishing overhead kick goal against England as a late entry to be selected as the best goal in 2012.

Ibrahimovic scored his fourth goal in Sweden’s 4-2 victory Wednesday several hours after voting opened for 10 approved Puskas Award candidates.

FIFA says “given that a number of votes have already been cast for this year’s award, the select committee for the Puskas Award may not, at this stage, include an additional nominee.”

But you know what? This is how should be. Zlatan’s goals are unique; they don’t fit in with the official footballing pantheon. They’re workarounds. He’s like a horse crossed with a ninja…why the hell should Zlatan’s greatness need FIFA’s official stamp of approval? Let Zlatan’s effort standalone. An asterisk to the official record.

Moreover, it lessens the chance Hassli’s goal will win the award.

In needless opprobrium news, Kurt Larson dissents:

UHHHHH. Well, let’s have a look. Yes, Joe Hart shouldn’t have been that far out of position, and his headed clearance was inadequate to say the least. But think. Just think. There was no other way for Zlatan to score from that situation. There were already three defenders back to cover for Hart. Two were within about two yards of the posts. Zlatan could have trapped and tried to pass to the lone Swedish forward, but he would have been well covered. Instead, with his back to goal, he back-flipped karate chopped it with the perfect arc to make it unstoppable.

So no passes on this one. None.