Oh the delicious irony. One of the more snotty MLS designated players around, Robbie Keane continues to suffer indignity as a Major League Soccer ‘star’ for the LA Galaxy. After first being referred to in a photo as an ‘unidentified fan’ next to Russell Brand and David Beckham, Keane has now been overlooked in the post-season awards department as well:

Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena has repeatedly said striker Robbie Keane was Major League Soccer’s best player for much of the season. But apparently he’s not among the most valuable.

MLS released a list of finalists for its major postseason awards Thursday, and Keane’s name was nowhere to found despite the fact he finished fourth in the league in scoring with 16 goals.

Keane also finished first in something called the Castrol Index, a mathematical formula similar to the NFL’s quarterback rating that measures everything a player does during a game. And he had a goal or assist in 15 of the Galaxy’s final 19 games, leading the team out of the Western Conference cellar to within a game of a second consecutive appearance in the MLS Cup.

This will almost certainly be a humbling experience for the boyhood fan of every single club to have ever existed in this or indeed any other possible universe.

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  1. I don’t know about this Messi fellow, but the greatest footballer I’ve ever seen will always be Sean Gregan

  2. Whoops wrong column

  3. You are too good a writer for the hackneyed jokes about keane being a boyhood fan of every club he has played for.
    He is a liverpool fan who also supported celtic, not an uncommon thing for someone from ireland, and an altogether predictable and boring punchline that is all too often brought forward.

  4. but still pretty damn funny for those of us not Keane fans. It’s fun to bash Keane because he is such a douche. seeing him sent off for requesting a sub out after a yellow in the CCL was hilarious.

    keep it up richard.

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