Dagger meet heart

In their attempt to get revenge for stealing Donovan Bailey, Jamaica have contacted faux-Canadian footballers Jonathan De Guzman and Junior Hoillet. After standing in the rain with ‘in your eyes’ blasting from a poorly built stereo, it appears the duo are one step closer to stomping on the hearts of Canadian footy fans one last time.

It’s not certain how they reacted to Jamaica’s offer, but it’s always nice to be wanted. I’m having flashbacks to my High School Prom all over again. Excuse me while I slow dance with myself for a few hours.

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  1. I would laugh like hell if this happened.

  2. They both scored today, too..

  3. After our capitulation in Honduras, I can’t blame anyone for turning their back on the steaming pile is shit that is our national men’s team. Sure we were missing a couple of big players (DeRo, Simpson), but if you can’t raise your game for the most important match of your international career, then it is no wonder quality players are considering other, more competitive options. I say fuck all of them – JDG2 and Hoilett for not helping us get to the Hex, and the MNT for their embarrassing performance and yet another heart wrenching result when it mattered.

    • ya bitter? don’t hold it in man, let it all hang out. good for the soul.

      oh, and ditto to what he said

  4. There will be lots of anger if these two go. I always trust in Jamie to fill me in on what reaction appears to be dominant within the Vs. If they go, I personally say there should be a banner set for them next time we play Jamaica.

  5. I am so damn tired of JDG2 he talks about wanted to play for Canada then there are issues of him not wanting to give up his Dutch citizenship. Then he says if Canada makes the Hex he will play for them. NO player should ever make up thier mind of what country they play that way. It should be what you truely feel inside, if he feels like he is Jamaican then go for it but did he even live there? I am so tired of this story already. JDG2 choose your Club team on how well they are doing and choose your country you play for based on your heart not fame. Then use your talent to help your country.

    By the time these guys choose a country they will have 1 or 2 world Cups to play for, stop wasting your playing career and choose already.

    • According to Wikipedia, De Guzman’s mother lived in Jamaica until she was 10 years old. Sure he left Canada at a pretty young age, and that’s reason enough for me to accept him choosing the Netherlands (regardless of whether he gets a call up or not), but if he feels more Jamaican than Canadian, that would truly be a mystery to me. He lived in Canada longer than his mother lived in Jamaica. Neither of these guys have lived in Jamaica I believe, and Hargreaves hadn’t ever lived in England before he played for them.

      Thanks for the help guys.

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