Andre Villas-Boas is a symbol of sorts in the English press. More than a particular manager with his own set of pluses and minuses, a young man whose star probably burned a little too bright, too early, for the tabloid zombies (and the TV announcing crowd), he’s a scapegoat for the coming Intellectualism in Football. Look! He takes notes, and yet his team isn’t sitting top of the table! LET’S STOP THINKING THOUGHTS.

How else to explain the Daily Mail‘s preoccupation with his £5.99 notebook? Five full colour photos including zoom ups of its pages, a link to the site from whence you can order it, and a description of a football manager taking notes in a notebook as “pen and paper sideline antics.” What zany antics! Flipping through a book you took notes in! Another leading sub-header is entitled, “It is a bit unusual though, isn’t it?” I mean, really, no manager has ever previously taken notes on the sidelines. This is a shocking, and utterly contemptible practice imported from Germany, probably.

Yeah, what a goddamned nerd. Keep your notes, your diligence, and your attention to detail elsewhere. What football needs is leaders of men who know to tell his players when to get stuck in, when to throw it in the mixer, and when to use pace, power, and passion and a never-say-die-attitude to get the best out of your players. There is only one way to be a great football manager and that’s to have a Scottish accent and to generally appear like you could be really scary when you’re yelling.

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  1. Yeah! Get ‘im! All his fancy stats, in his fancy moleskine! #rebelrouser

    I feel for AVB, I really do. I think he has the potential to be a stellar manager. Hopefully he can prove everyone wrong one day.

  2. As an avid spurs fan I only have one question…

    Is that scottish guy you mentioned in the last paragraph available?

  3. Gordon Strachan is indeed available to manage Spurs

    Signed: A gooner

  4. How many World Cups, Champions League trophies you win by the way. You seem to think you know a lot about managing a football club. Any stats on the number of trophies you have won and a what level???/

  5. Well you sure have a problem with people who have a Scottish accent, I guess I must have missed all the World Cups and Champions League trophies you won, keep you the good work.

    • I will. It’s very hard being the most winning coach in all time, and knowing no one will ever take it away from me.

  6. The british media just really love AVB don’t they. Obviously the only thing wrong here is the fact that some newspapers actually thought this was news-worthy.
    I personally love AVB, and I really hope he turns out to be a very successful manager in England and prove his critics wrong.

  7. AVB needs time to collect players that respond to his personality in a positive manner. Ferguson has the ‘advantage’ that he has had his base of players that respond to him, it has changed but slowly evolved over time. Those that don’t get tossed into the wash but has never been forced to face a major overhaul without having a strong core. AVB has faced the opposite situation in England – going to teams that have a core of players well established.

    The guy obviously knows something about football and could teach a lot of people something if they were willing to listen and learn; his personality is ‘odd’ in the footballing world perhaps, no more so than in the English footballing tradition. That will work against him until he has found those who respond well to him as a person.

    What is interesting is that everywhere else in the working world one blames workers who never adjust to the ‘boss’. The expectation of the word ‘professional’ is that one is learned enough to make the best of the situation that one has studied/prepared to work in. Footballers are professionals? Shouldn’t they be able to adapt to make the best out of the situation? It is not like anyone is asking them to work (today) in crazy unbearable conditions for little pay…

  8. BR takes notes– and he’s from jut across the isle

  9. oi @ that last sentence.

  10. Off topic: I accept that four key starters are missing for Spurs. But as a fan of the team, I take issue with the fact that they did not sign any backups for LB or CB. I sure hope Kyle Walker doesn’t get injured because they don’t have cover there either. I sure hope that in one of the pages, the chairman has left AVB with some blank cheques to sign whoever he needs in January.

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