The Footy Blog has been around since at least September 2008 (our archives don’t go further back than that), the brain child of the incomparable Joe Ross. It stemmed from the Footy Show which debuted in August of 2007. In the time since then, it’s formed a major part of the digital hub of the Score’s soccer product.

When I joined as full-time editor in September 2011, the Footy Blog was already the home of a thriving podcast, an internationally renowned Italian football columnist in Paolo Bandini, and an audience of dedicated fans of the Score’s standard-setting soccer coverage. I remember feeling very much like I had landed on the shoulders of giants in James Sharman and Kristian Jack. They were after all the faces of the Footy Show, and the best, most original soccer voices in the country. Not only that, but I had big shoes to fill in following up both Joe Ross and Brendan Dunlop as former Footy Blog editors. I can only hope I’ve in some small way lived up to their incredible standard in sports broadcasting and football journalism.

In the time since then, there have been countless changes. The site has seen its contributor list—and audience—continue to expand. The blog however has, up until now, always been rooted in the Footy Show on the Score TV. As many of you know, last August, Rogers purchased the Score, a deal made official last month. As part of that agreement, the Score’s digital assets were spun off into a separate company that includes this blog.

That means today we say a warm goodbye to James and Kristian, who will stay on with the Score as it transitions to Rogers. As a soccer writer, I’m more than indebted to their expertise, their opinions, their focus, their hard work, their knowledge, their humour, and their friendship. Canada should be grateful to be the home to two of the best in their field, anywhere. I still can’t believe I was able to call them colleagues last year; today, I’m more than proud now to call them my friends.

We say goodbye, but we also say hello. To Counter Attack.

What is this?

Well, the Footy Blog with a different name, essentially (except for slideshows all day everyday, kidding!). But the title also reflects the general goal of the blog: to go against the grain of perceived, easy wisdom in the football world, and to work hard to uncover the less glamorous (and obvious) truths of the game. It also mirrors the work of our excellent roster of contributors in reporting lesser-known but vital stories from around the world. And finally, as in football itself, the counter attack is a means for small teams to beat big ones. We’re small, but we’ve got big ambitions, to keep growing beyond our current confines, unbound by a single nation, league, or TV channel.

None of this would be possible without your continued readership, involvement on the blog comments section, and participation on the Footy Show podcasts. The only reason this site is here is because of you guys, in more ways than one. All of us here think each and every day how to give you a better product, a better read, a more interesting angle. I hope you’ll stick with us over the exciting weeks and months ahead as we continue to build upon the work of the last five years.

Thank you.

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  1. Hey, this blog made a shitty 2010 world cup entertaining with it’s great commentary and special features, and KJ’s EPL 100 always managed to piss me off to no end.

    Good luck in the future!

  2. Good Luck Rich, Really looking forward to future editions.

  3. Big shoes to fill following up Brendan Dunlop? That’s the best joke I’ve ever read on this blog. He has to be the worst soccer personality on the planet. By far. Really far.

    Keep up the good work. I read this blog every single day and it never fails to disappoint. From all of us: thank you.

  4. Have you sold Didier Drogba off to Rogers as well? That would make Counter Attack even better.

    • We’re sorting out the contract agreements as we speak…

    • …as part of the on going negotiations I had put forth my vote on a better blog title…”Park The Bus”. But then I realized that “Counter Attack” can be synonymous at times with “Park The Bus”. Negotiations have since stalled…

  5. I, for one, welcome our new footy overlords…

  6. I love James & KJ, but in my opinion the spirit of The Score still lives here, which is where I’ll be residing for the most part.

    I started reading and following footy blogs simply because of what I read here, what I discovered via the Footy Blog since you started Richard. I’ve got e-copies of The Blizzard because of the Footy Blog. Happy to stick around and continue my education.

    Here’s hoping there’ll be a podcast component some day.

    • I’m going to say it too: I’ve been unhappy with the Footy Pods since they went to a vodcast-podcast model. It seemed too much like listening to a television show and not enough like listening to a podcast, lie the Monday EPL pods remained. I’m looking forward to some definitive change around here, as opposed to this limbo things have been in for quite some time.

  7. I echo the sentiments of everyone in the comments. The Footy Blog has been the best source of soccer information for Canadian footy fans for a long time and I’m sure the new interation will be no different.

  8. Just started listening to the Footy blog a few months back. This will be a new transition but hopefully I can start anew with Counter Attack. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. So, where will Counter Attack actually be located? Is it still a part of The Score, and we log into the website like we did before?

  10. I hate change but Onwards and ….Onwards as they say.

    will be interesting to see how all of this pans out over the next while.

    This has been a great source of content and banter over the past few years that I have partaken and hope that this continues… to see what KJ and Sharms are up to following their english breakfast

  11. So where will KJ’s weekend observations fall these days?

    • Probably on deaf ears in the shower, or over the heads of the children he has working in his black book sweat shop in his basement.

  12. As long as the holy trinity is still around ( KJ, Sharman and Whitall) I’m a happy camper… or else I will be condemned to B/R and the match of the trolls.

  13. Ahhh fuck rogers! They are the worst of the big 3 sports networks in Canada.

    KJ and Sharman are great, but I worry about rogers making them bland. KJ goes deep into the tactics and Sharman is a crotchety old man, i worry rogers will ask them to be a bit more bland.

    Viva Counter Attack!
    Learn so much here. I do like how you guys give different views on things than what the mainstream sites do, its not the same old shit as the majority of soccer sites.

  14. Will miss KJ and Sharms big time. Where are they going? Glad to hear the blog is still around though. Best one out there. Makes my morning.

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