Apparently it began from a drop ball situation following a player injury for the Danish side. Shakhtar won the ball and appeared to be passing it to the Nordsjaelland keeper Jesper Hansen following the unofficial rules of good sportsmanship, except Luiz Adriano didn’t seem to understand, and instead run past Hansen and scored (seen above).

Apparently Shakhtar’s coach Mircea Lucescu ordered his side to let Nordsjaelland score an equalizer, but then tackled the forward at the last minute, denying them a goal they would score all on their own a minute later. Anyway, weird, but probably doesn’t mean anything except Adriano is on his own planet.

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  1. What. An. Asshole.

  2. Looks like something an Arsenal player would do.

  3. Are you just gonna excuse that behavior? that was one of the most unsportsmanlike plays I have ever seen!

  4. Thats where someone lines him up and absolutely cuts him down. If someone did that in my league I am pretty sure they wouldn’t leave the field under their on power.

  5. I actually find the follow-up more interesting. Why on earth did Shaktar not just give it back and keep going?

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