Owen Gibson at the Guardian has a simple FAQ up on the Mark Clattenburg ‘no action’ decision from the Football Association. The final question, on whether Ramires accept that the evidence was overwhelmingly contradictory to his claims that Clattenburg called Jon Obi Mikel “You monkey,” might leave a little bit of a bad taste:

Does Ramires accept he was wrong?

No. The player continues to remain convinced that he heard the words in his witness statement.

Some today have called for censure for Chelsea over their accusation, including former Premier League referee Graham Poll. He wrote today on the Daily Mail:

Chelsea should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute, wasting FA time and potentially face a private prosecution from Mark Clattenburg for defamation of character.
There has been little or no thought as to the damage this has done to the referee and his reputation – as Sir Alex Ferguson asserted: ‘It’s a problem for Mark and it is unfortunate. ‘Stigma does tend to stick and that is the real unfortunate part.’

That shouldn’t be necessary. If Ramires believed he heard what he heard with conviction and “in good faith” as the FA reported, he had a responsibility to report it, and Chelsea had a responsibility to act. In the end, Mark Clattenburg was exonerated. His reputation has only been sullied among the same clan of morons would attack Clattenburg for any and all perceived weaknesses. Now they now have one more.

Clattenburg himself will not seek any compensation from Chelsea nor take any further action against the club. This despite the fact that he acknowledged, “To know you were innocent of something but there was the opportunity for it to wreck your career was truly frightening.” His union however, the referees association Prospect, is planning to seek out an apology and damages. Ramires may believe he heard what he heard, but in light of the evidence, Chelsea might consider an apology to him for distress.

Players must feel free in future to come forward if they feel they are the victims of racial abuse. But neither should there be a precedent set for spurious claims made to settle scores. This process should not have taken as long as it did with the paltry evidence against him, but it did, in large part because of the involvement of Scotland Yard who required time to investigate. With the laws on the books over racial abuse, they had no choice. Clattenburg’s name may have been momentarily dragged through the mud, but that’s the cost of due process.

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  1. I could swear you were the one, last week, warning them about crying wolf, etc.

    Counter Attack indeed.

    • I did then and I did here. But the fact is Ramires believes he heard what he heard, and the FA said they have no reason to think his complaint wasn’t made in good faith.

  2. Whether or not Ramires makes the complaint in good faith is irrelevant. Chelsea should have done their due diligence- and when they found no evidence to support his claim, either from video or from Ramires’ teammates, should have realised they didn’t have a case. In my opinion, Chelsea felt aggrieved by some of the calls Clattenburg made and knew that he would not be able to referee while the complaint was being reviewed- as well as bring his reputation into question. Chelsea cried wolf, SAF called bullshit, and now the FA must sanction Chelsea so that these claims of racism don’t become trivialized.

    • And by sanctioning Chelsea after the FA have clearly stated they were right to make the complaint and Ramires did so in good faith you then risk future incident going unreported for fear of persecution thereby taking the fight against racism back a full 100 years – Nice one!

      • So let’s just have teams throw around accusations- no evidence needed? And what of the sudden chrge against Mikel for using abusive/discriminatory language?(I admit that I don’t know on what basis the claim was made).
        Ramires making the complaint in good faith and Chelsea making the claim in good faith are two separate matters. Hell, either one of us could claim the other one as racist, but our lawyers will probably want some sort of evidence before they lay charges. And if the lead witness says, “I don’t think so,” there’s no case to be made.

    • So tell the employee that only has his word that his claim will not be pursued because of lack of evidence? Not likely. this was nothing more than trying to make people forget about Jr vs anton. SAF is right; this was CFC bullshit. All companies have responsibility for their employees, but this was more about public image than human rights so don’t get it twisted

      • So what you’re saying is- Chelsea’s claim was not made in good faith, but they shouldn’t be punished?

        • exactly. they shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing even if it was for the wrong reasons.

          • Since when is slandering someone without evidence the right thing? Once Ramires makes the claim, it’s up to Chelsea to find evidence to support it. If they cannot do so, then they cannot lay charges. They can (and should) still forward the complaint to the FA, but they should do so quietly and out of the public eye. I’m not saying they should be punished for forwarding the complaint, but for the reasons and manner in which they did so. Did Clattenburg lose wages because of the games he missed? If so, Chelsea should pay them. Not to mention the apology that must be forthcoming. Even in the nursery rhyme, there are consequences for crying wolf when there’s not one.

          • very hypocritical everything you said…

          • ..in reference to Sergio

  3. I think they should be punished. This is not the first time they have ruined the reputation of a referee after controversial decisions went against them. It’s now part of the club’s culture, among other embarrassing actions, and it needs to be addressed.

  4. Chelsea has to be one of the most embarrassing and pathetic sporting organizations in the world. They continuously provide examples ensuring an absolutely absurd lack of class that no doubt stems from their management and over flamboyant and spoiled owner. When the team losses a fixture they continuously employ the tactic “us against the world,” to remove criticism off the team for playing like absolute shit. The team from top to bottom is compiled with some of the worst examples of humanity possible in a western civilized setting. Led by their beloved, yet a complete scum bag captain John Terry, it would seem that their is no depth too deep that this team will go. I hope Obi Mikel gets a hefty ban, not for his possible involvement in racial accusations, but for storming the officials locker room after the game, accompanied by superior role model JT.

    CFC directed all their frustrations of losing at Clattenburg, in tern sewering the individual through hell. Teams should not be able to devise such serious fraudulent accusations and walk away from any responsibility.

    This team makes me cringe..

    I cringe when I see this team in any setting.

    • i sure wish i could have removed one of those two last lines before i sent that post into history………..bullocks

  5. What is Chelsea supposed to do? One of their players heard a racial slur, are they supposed to tell their black players to stay quiet and let it go? They did what they had to do, and reported the incident. If they had not reported anything, either the players privately would be extremely disgruntled, or publicly people would bemoan chelsea for not acting against racism (ironically probably the same people moaning now).
    A lose-lose situation indeed.

    • there was no need to attack the referee in the locker room though

    • What Chelsea should do is make a complaint throught the proper channels – not storm into a restricted area, verbally abuse the referee and make threats of physical violence against him. Are you for real?
      This is another example of Chelsea accusing a referee of misconduct after the result goes against them. Every team has decisions go against them and Chelsea should man up and accept that occasionally they will too. How many more times will they be allowed to walk away from attacks on an officials integrity with punishment by the FA.

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