The ugliness in Rome

As if last night’s attack wasn’t bad enough, with a hundred ultras, a suspected mix of Lazio and Roma supporters, storming a bar full of Spurs fans with bats and knives and leaving one fan “fighting for his life”, it gets worse.

After a very cordial welcome back from Lazio supporters to former player Paul Gascoigne, within the first ten minutes there were audible chants of “Juden Tottenham, Tottenham Juden”, along with the unfurling of a banner that read “Free Palestine.”

This news comes on the same day Lazio’s owner Claudio Lotito said, without a shred of evidence, “The Lazio fans have nothing to do with what happened at Camp de Fiori.”

Meaning, yet again, we await word to see what kind of action UEFA will take on this.

Yes, chances are the behaviour is the result of a fan “minority,” but ultras are of themselves a minority. That fact is hardly pertinent to the need for the club to take a strong stance against its extreme, violent element. Nor is citing the rote “English hypocrisy” a justification for outright antisemitism (no matter your view on the use of Jewish identity within Spurs supporters culture) and attempted murder.

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  1. Lazio should be excluded from UEFA competition or should at least have to play all games behind closed doors.

    Disgusting. and pretty funny that they would unfurl a free Palestine banner when they are so blatantly racist. I really doubt they give a shit about palistinians.

  2. utter nonsense that’s all there is to it. I mean a bar fight over Palastine; pull that kind of crap after a DC United game if you are that into it.

  3. Is it perhaps safe to say that, of the major European leagues, Italy serves their extreme minorities moreso than any other league?

    UEFA dealt with English hooliganism fairly well, it seems. I don’t see why a similar punishment wouldn’t have the same effect.

  4. Lazio has to be suspended, this nonsense happens every week. it’s 2012 man wtf!!! Lazio are known for their extremely right wing fan base, why would Italy and UEFA allow this to continue with any sort of punishment!?

    • Because more often than not, Italy tends to be a right-leaning society, and their populace supports the ultra-conservative stances.

  5. My club is my club and it is not Tottenham. But stuff like this makes me halfway want to BE a Spurs supporter.

  6. A “Free Palestine” banner is a bad thing in what regard?

    I understand the point you’re making, but really now you’re just voicing your opposition to free speech.

    • It’s the association with antisemitic chanting that’s the issue. Associating support for Palestine with prejudice against Jews is noxious and deliberately counterproductive.

      • But it’s not like the Lazio fans were chanting “Kill the Jews”, like PSV and Feyenoord fans do with Ajax. I’m just not seeing where connecting a fanbase with a religion is voicing hatred for that religion.

        • The word “Jew” is unique, in that it is either a slur or a proper appellation depending on the speaker’s emphasis.

          If a crowd of snarling lunatics are shouting “Jews! Jews! Jews!”, then it’s a slur. Unfurling a Free Palestine banner when you probably hate Arabs much more than you hate Jews is a double whammy cheap shot.

          The English press gets rightfully upset about one fool curving his arms like a monkey at a Chelsea home game. What does the Italian press say about this? What is to be done?

        • Also, maybe they didn’t know the German word for “kill”?

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