Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way: this, stolen from the Guardian, is a funny video. At first the slip makes you cringe slightly, but the fact it leads to a goal kind of cements it as “one of those things.”

Chelmsford City it should be noted play in the Conference South, the sixth tier in the English football league pyramid. So, you know, “ha ha”, but these are for the most part real teams attempting to do things for actual fans who pay real money to go to actual games.

The rule is for coverage of the lower leagues is that it will make the front page if a) a team scores a freakishly good goal, b) a team concedes a freakishly bad goal, or c) a century old team faces certain financial death at the hands of some dumbass fly-by-night owner.

I’m not saying that should change, but it has to be a little frustrating for teams trying to get a little more attention for their clubs.

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  1. Why didn’t the attacker just touch it a second time and give away the indirect free kick? It looked like he stopped himself from doing it, but it wasn’t as if any of his team mates were close enough to come in and make the save.

    • Yup, Some call it a howler; I call it brain-dead. Easy to avoid the calamity that ensued.

      Even his attempt to defend the onrushing red was woefully off-line.


  2. Typical English bias. How come we never see highlights from the Jupiler League?

    • are there any? I had to google the league…… I keed.

      though I might try to order a Brugge shirt just for kicks, like the colours

  3. DUSTIN: You want Jupiler league highlights? Go grab some late-80s episodes of Soccer Saturday from the TSN archives.

    If you want a boss Belgian kit, you gotta go for Mechelen all the way. They were BOSSING things in the late 80′s!


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