I went to former DC United president and now Toronto FC president Kevin Payne’s press conference and all I have for you is impressions.

Well, one impression.

It’s clear MLSE president Tom Anselmi wanted a president (at least since June) who knew MLS inside and out, wanted to give him or her as much power as they could to direct both sporting and business operations, and maybe wanted this president to not come in and fire Paul Mariner and Earl Cochrane right off the bat so to stop the constant press conferences. And chances are they also wanted a guy they both knew and liked (apparently from MLS board of governors meetings), and who had a good track record with a current MLS club.

I think many Toronto FC fans would be down for that, but then toward the end of the presser, Payne answered a question about his “team philosophy.” To which he started speaking in fairly specific terms about high pressing and possession-based attacking football.

With both Cochrane and Mariner looking on in the front row, fully aware their jobs were safe, as Mr. President had confirmed only moments earlier.

Pressers are just little presentations, and if Payne wants to find a reason to make changes pre-season, he’ll find them. But even with the full, clear sentences, and the shiny MLS ring, my head nearly ruptured from the cognitive dissonance. And despite all the warm and fuzzy feelings in Toronto over the appointment, this dissonance may come back to haunt Payne.

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  1. so what you’re saying is, lets not hold our breathe on this just yet.

  2. i also wouldnt be surprised if Payne was told he cant fire those 2 idiots this early…and maybe has to wait 10 games, midseason if the results deem it necessary.

  3. I doubt he was told he can’t fire them. I just don’t think he is going to come in and (for lack of a better word) fire them without cause. He’ll try to work with them and see if they can do the job he wants them to do. If any manager comes to a new company and day 1 fires people so he can bring in his friends instead, that guy is a jerk.

    Payne may believe that he can get better results out of them than the lack of a president did. I’m cautiously optimistic about this hiring. Not expecting them to start next season with a 9 game win streak, but I think this is a step in the right direction.

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